About Me

The blogger

Hi there! I’m Melody "Mellie", an enthusiastic 23 year old. Currently a university student pursuing a degree in Mass Communication. 

K-beauty, makeup and cosmetics are among my favorite things that I constantly blog about! Along with a tinge of lifestyle. I love snapping photos of my daily life which are usually uploaded onto my Instagram as part of my leisure.

Reading is also another part of my hobby which I enjoy with a cup of warm tea on days when I feel the need to have some self-time. Of course, not forgetting the nerd I am, I totally love playing games on my Nintendo and spend my afternoons watching dramas and anime.

The blog

TheMellieDiaries ; got its name simply by connecting two nouns meaning my very own diary.

This blog is primarily a korean beauty blog with occasional lifestyle segments. This blog started in August 15, 2014.

TheMellieDiaries will be updated often from my random musings to beauty posts.

Chase the wind and touch the sky

Stay tune for more updates on TheMellieDiaries!