Review: Secret A Skin Guardian 3-Step Facial Mask Kit

by - December 06, 2017

Never in my entire life as a K-beauty enthusiast did I try out a 3-Step facial mask kit. I'm sure some of you have already know that there are a few 3-step sheet masks in the market but I've never got the chance to they them out until just recently! Secret A Skin Guardian 3-Step Facial Mask Kit is generously sponsored to me by Skin18

Secret A Skin Guardian 3-Step Facial Mask Kit 

These lovely masks arrived at my doorstep in 4 different types; Aqua, Vita-Whitening, Wrinkle and Soothing. I assume each of them works for different skin concerns.

The Secret A Skin Guardian 3-Step Facial Mask Kit is extremely fun because it comes with all 3 products in a mask sheet, basically you get the bubble cleanser, booster ampoule and the sheet mask soaked in essence.

Also, you can separate the packaging by tearing along the dotted lines. The overall packaging is so cute and fun!

For today's review, I decided to try the Vita-Whitening mask sheet.

As you can see, the proper way to use this 3-Step facial mask is by:

1. Cleansing with the Bubble cleanser
2. Apply Booster ampoule
3. Apply Sheet mask

Although the bubble cleanser and booster ampoule comes in small sizes, I can guarantee that it has 2 uses each! Meaning you can save them and use it later if you are not able to finish it!

The bubble cleanser has almost no scent and it cleanses the face pretty well however it does not bubble at all! It makes a decent 2nd step cleanser.

The ampoule has a watery consistency and smells really nice. It's not too fragrant but it has a pleasant  floral scent to it. What I personally like about the ampoule is that it absorbs really quickly into my skin. I'm not sure how effective is it on my skin but I don't really have high hopes for it.

It just makes a decent ampoule if you don't have one.

The booster ampoule claims to:

  1. Improve skin texture
  2. Brighten skin tone
  3. Balance oil and moisture
  4. Increase mask efficiency

It sounds like a really good deal honestly.

The sheet mask is the highlight of the entire packet. The sheet is not too thin nor too thick, the fit is almost perfect except that it's a little short on my forehead. And oh my- it is dripping with so much essence!

The mask is made of natural cellulose sheet mask to enable it to adhere closely to the skin.

There's still this much leftover essence in the packet when I remove the sheet mask!

It felt like a regular mask when it's applied on the face, but I enjoyed the entire 3-step process which makes me feel a little bit fancier than other days.

After peeling off the mask, the essence was absorbed in within 5-10 minutes and considering the amount of essence left on my face, it has a really quick absorbing time! 

And here's the amazing part, I actually saw differences on my face the next day! My skin tone is slightly brighter and my skin feels smooth. I wasn't able to get that on camera because honestly, it doesn't show on camera but I, myself can see the difference!

Overall this mask is very convenient especially for road trips or travelling, on flight, etc!

Skin type:
All skin types

When to use:
Secret A Bubble cleanser -Secret A  Booster Ampoule - Secret A Sheet mask -  Continue with normal skincare routine.

It has a slight floral scent to the booster ampoule and sheet mask, not very overwhelming but it's pleasant.


  • Extremely cute and fun packaging
  • Very convenient to have all 3 important products in one piece 
  • Visible and amazing results can be seen!

  • -

The verdict:
I will definitely purchase these masks for myself and also as gifts. It is very convenient and the sheet masks are very pleasant to use. Also the results are visible after one usage so I really have high hopes for this product!

Get yours here: Skin18 - Skin Guardian

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