Acne care in 3 days!

by - December 11, 2017

I don't get acne often although I do have oily-dehydrated skin. /thank god/ but when I do, it's most commonly on my cheeks and forehead and mostly due to food intake, wrong skincare, clogged pores or dirty environment.

For years I actually leave my acne to heal by itself- yes, you've read that right. I did that to my own skin! Sometimes they disappear after a week but some left a mark or scar on my skin. Especially those with tinier ones, they leave the nastiest scars.

This year, I decided that I have to stop being so lazy towards my own skin and actually do something about it!

I recently found the best combination to get rid of my acnes in 3 days, the scars would take about another 2 days to fade completely.

1. Apieu NonCo Tea Tree Spot Patch
2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

This combo is perfect especially when you're planning to layer makeup on top of your face.

The Apieu acne patch is really thin and transparent, I had a hard time locating it when I accidentally stuck it on a wrong patch of my skin! But because of it's transparency and thinness, it makes it look like you have nothing on your face thus when you layer makeup on it, it doesn't look funny or bumpy!

As for the Tea Tree Oil, I received a bunch as samples from The Body Shop. The scent is a very strong medicinal scent but it goes away when the oil dries. Honestly, I don't get tempted to purchase a product after using its samples but this one, i will definitely purchase it! It works like a miracle on my acne and leaves no scar!

What do you do to combat acne?

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