Review: B.Liv Deep Impact

by - November 17, 2017

Hi my dears!

I'm back again with another review and this time it's generously sponsored by B.Liv ! Thank you so much for that because just a few days before they contacted me, my aunt was telling me about how their products were sold out in their retailer store. Obviously that perked my interest immediately about their products!

Today I will be reviewing their Deep Impact, deep pores cleansing & massage emulsion. I've reviewed this product and goodness, it seems perfect for my stubborn blackhead issues!

I received it in such a beautiful box with an extremely cute handwritten gratitude note! "Healthy skin begins with healthy pores". I can't agree more!

So, what is the Deep Impact? It claims to:

1. Deeply cleanse
2. Gently exfoliate
3. Massages your skin

Apparently, it also says to possess purifying, soothing and anti-oxidant properties to deeply cleanse all the nooks and crannies while retaining the moisture and nourishment of the skin.

B.Liv has so much trust in their product that if it doesn't work, they have a money-back guarantee! Like wow, I've never come across any brand that is so confident in their products. This is really something that made me trust them even more!

Once the packaging is opened, the product comes in a tube of 50ml, which is pretty tiny but after looking at the product, it can definitely last for a long time.

You'll have to squeeze to get the product out and it's actually really easy to control the amount you're using because it doesn't gush out immediately.

The product is a thick consistency with creamy, firm texture but after spreading it on a larger surface, it doesn't feel that firm anymore. Notice the small beads?

It says that they use 100% natural Jojoba beads for the exfoliating or scrub which I feel that it's actually a very good ingredient that doesn't harm/hurt the skin. There's no sharp edges so you don't leave microscopic cuts on your skin as they could have lead to premature wrinkles.

Their main and notable ingredients are:

1. Kaolin (oil control) - It helps to absorb excess sebum and dead cells.
2. Jojoba beads (exfoliating) - As a gently yet effective scrub to remove dead cells.
3. Tea Tree Oil (Acne control + Comedone control + Soothing) - Anti-bacteria and anti-oxidant properties.

All that aside, the most important part has come.. the results!

I was pretty amazed by the immediate results! You can see my pores have gotten smaller, most blackheads are removed and my skin actually feels smoother!

I couldn't put it into words of how amazing it made me feel to see that after one quick use of the product, I was able to see good results.

Skin type: 
Oily skin

How to use:
Use twice a week.
*Place warm towel on skin to open the pores - apply a small amount on damp skin - gently massage until the Jojoba beads dissolve - Rinse


Pleasant, not chemical

Comes in a 50ml tube but a little product can go a loooong way so I expect that it'll take some time to finish.



  • Immediate results
  • Can be purchased online or at Sasa, their retailer shop
  • Decent price
  • -
I will considering purchasing for it's good results and decent price.

The verdict:
It's a product to not miss out if you're having troubles with your blackheads. Definitely recommended to give it a try!

Get yours here: B.liv 

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