Review: Sephora Collection Clay Mask

by - October 24, 2017

Hello guys! I'm back again with another clay mask review. Have I mentioned that I've been loving clay masks and wash-off masks lately? They seem to produce better results than sheet masks and works amazingly on my face.

I grabbed these two Sephora Collection Clay Mask from my last trip to Singapore, they were going for SGD9 per packet and each packet can last 4 uses (according to the packet). The Grey clay mask is for mattifying and the Green clay mask is for pore-perfecting.

There are other colors with different specific uses as well but I figured that these 2 are the best for me. They weigh 35ml each and is so perfect to bring for travels. Also, they make really cute gifts!

The cap helps to seal the products inside and also prevents it from drying or infected with bacteria. So much more convenient and clean compared to other clay mask as you only use the part where you squeeze out. The rest of the products inside are not exposed to the environment.

The first one I've tried was the Grey clay mask. The instructions are very specific and easy to follow. Also, the Grey clay mask won't dry completely!

I realize that the texture is smooth but contains little sandy particles, almost like a face scrub. As you can see, the black little dots are the sandy particles.

After using the Grey clay mask, I don't see a difference in my pore but it got rid of the oiliness on my face.

Skin type:
All skin types

How to use:
Apply to clean, dry skin on the whole face or using the multi-masking technique. Avoid the eye area. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water

Smells of mud masks

It comes in very small 35ml packaging with a cap. It is very handy for travels and definitely more hygienic.

SGD9 each / RM27.00 each


  • Packaging is very convenient
  • Reduces oiliness on the skin


  • It says that it's 4 uses per packet but depending on how much product you use, it can be more or less than 4 uses.
Definitely going to try out the other colors as well!

The verdict:
Overall, it's a pretty decent product for the price. I'd definitely bring it along for travels.

Get yours here: Sephora Malaysia

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    1. please do try it if you have the chance ^^

  2. I saw them and they look so nice but I was scared how my skin is going to reacts because it's not a pure clay, but the packaging is so cute and the whole idea is awesome :)

    1. oh no, i wish you had a chance to try them. :( and yeah i totally love the packaging too~


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