Althea Mini Haul!

by - October 05, 2017

I recently did a mini haul from Althea Malaysia also due to my aunts asking me to help them get lip tints! Can you believe it? I managed to get them into being obsessed with lip tints like me!

As always, Althea's products arrive in their beautiful pink box which I'm just obsessed with. I use them to keep stuffs and it looks all nice and proper sitting on my shelf too.

Anyways, it's an extremely mini haul as I don't have much I wanted to buy but more like only buying the products that I need which at this time is just a bronzer. But as I was scrolling through the page, I also saw this really cool vinegar hair treatment which I decided to try it out for myself!

It looks like such a beautiful gift for myself!

What I got:

  1. Tony Moly Liptone Get It Tint 
  2. ABBA Mart Fad-Tan Bronzer
  3. Piolang CP-1 Raspberry Treatment Vinegar

Can't wait to try out the bronzer and hair treatment! I will be back with follow up posts for the reviews so stay tuned!


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