Review: Mediheal Dress Code Blue

by - September 24, 2017

Plain white sheet masks are boring. It's no fun and you really can't take selfies to show off your home spa-day or routine. 

Mediheal's Dress Code Blue is what you need for a fun and glamorous routine/home spa-day. 

These masks are really amusing especially if you're having a cute sleepover party with your friends! Selfies with the Mediheal Dress Code Blue sheet masks are a must! They are sponsored to me by Skin18.

Mediheal Dress Code Blue

The packaging itself already looks so pretty and intriguing. I received the Dress Code Blue which is Herb Aqua for moisture and hydration. That's really good as my skin needs as much good hydration as I can get.

The Mediheal Dress Code Blue claims:

  1. Features Herb Aqua to relief discomforts of dry skin and smoothen skin.
  2. Contains natural moisture ingredients such as bamboo extract, hyaluronic acid, ginkgo biloba, and white lily extract for a silky hydrated skin.

When I opened up the sheet mask looks so fancy and pretty! And it is definitely soaked in essence. It smells really nice too, a slight floral scent.

It contains so much essence, which explains why the pack feels pretty heavy as it contains around 27ml of essence. That's quite a lot for sheet masks! I have so much leftover essence that I kept in the fridge to be used the next day too.

Now, let's get to the exciting part. The sheet mask!

The pattern printed on the sheet mask is so pretty. It's basically a masquerade mask and I have to say it definitely made me feel extra fancy when I have it on.

Not only that, the fit was really good, although it is a little short on my nose but overall it covered every part of my skin and it stays firm on the face!

After peeling it off, the essence absorbed into my skin after about 20 minutes, which was a pretty long duration but I think it paid off as my skin feels amazing afterwards!

Skin type:
All skin types. Works best for dehydrated skin!

When to use:
Toner - Mediheal Dress Code Blue - Continue with normal skincare routine.

It has a slight floral scent to it, not very overwhelming but it's very pleasant.


  • Beautiful design
  • A lot of essence
  • Pleasant scent


  • -

The verdict:
I have to say I really love this mask! I can totally see the hype for Mediheal Dress Code sheet masks. They are going to be the first sheet mask that I will definitely repurchase! They looks marvelous as gifts too!

Get yours at: Skin 18 - Mediheal Dress Code Blue

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