Travel Pouches! What's in them?

by - August 15, 2017

Hey loves! I just got back from my 10-day trip from Singapore and it was a blast! The photos I took during the trip is still in process so for today, let's take a peek into my makeup and skincare pouch that I carried with me!

I usually have two pouches for my short travels. One for cosmetics and another for skincare products. However if I were to go on longer travel periods, I end up taking 3 - 4 pouches. Crazy, I know.

My cosmetic pouch is filled with as little makeup products as possible. I only bring the essential colors for eye shadows and blusher. This trip, I decided to try out my VDL Metal Cushion and Pokemon x Cathy Doll Pressed Powder.

My skincare products are stored in this Lipstick Obsessed pouch I got from Forever21. The pouch totally screams cosmetic and makeup but the material of this pouch is meant for waterproofing so, in my skincare products go~

The inside in lined with PU fabric to stay waterproof. I have a fear of my skincare products bursting or leaking when on flight therefore all wet materials , aka skincare are in this pouch.

I tried taking as little products as possible as you all know, our everyday products are always so heavy and going on vacation means it's finally time to try out some samples I've accumulated over time.

But here's the thing, it's such a bad bad bad decision as my face start to get messy after a few days without my usual skincare products. They were the things my skin and face rely on every single day yet I've let them down by not bringing them along during my trip.

So now I'm back home trying to make up for all those days when my face did not get the attention and love it needed.

What's in your travel pouches?

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  1. Your pouches are too cute~! I always bring some BB cream, especially for the spf

    1. aww thank you~ my VDL metal cushion has an spf of 50++!


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