Review: Circle Lens MIYU Gray (VS)

by - August 21, 2017

Hiyya girls!

Today's review will be a sponsored review by Klenspop. They have been too nice to send me any circle lens I'd like to try so I looked around their hundreds of beautiful and unique contact lenses to finally choose two of the ones I like.

I decided to go for something quite daily yet popping- grey! MIYU Gray (VS). There wasn't any reviews when I looked at it so I decided to be the first to do it~ I was hoping to do a few different makeup looks with these lenses too.

Price: $18.00
DIA: 14.5mm
Graphic DIA: 14.2mm
BC: 8.6mm
Using Period: 6month
Water Contect: 38%
Power: 0.00~-5.00(0.25Step)
There are no -0.25,
-0.75, -5.25, -5.75
Manufacturer: VASSEN
Origin: KOREA
Package: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

The lenses were really thin~ It was surprising because the color was really vibrant in photos, I though the lens would have been thicker.

As I saw that it looks rather thin and the patterns seem to be fainter than in photos, my heart was prepared to accept the thought that the color would not show on my eye.

But I was so wrong, it was thin yet the color was faint but it was so popping and vibrant on my eye!

left: without // right: with

both: with
It was even prettier than I've expected, I even wore them out immediately but it gained no weird looks from people so it's definitely a thumbs-up!

Color: 5/5 - The colors are a pleasant surprise for me. The gray color isn't too fake where it looks dollish but rather a nice grey but pleasantly natural.

Design: 5/5 - The design is a very basic design that fades from darker gray to lighter gray, creating a natural gradient look on your eyes.

Comfort: 3.5/5 - The lens was thin thus making it comfortable to wear for some time but it dries pretty fast, I had to keep applying eye drops to keep my eye moist.

Enlargement: 5/5 - The enlargement was minimal, nothing too overwhelming making it more of an eye color changing circle lens than enlargement circle lens. It looks really pretty.

The final verdict: B+! 

Everything was perfect except for the comfort. I couldn't wear it out for long as it hurts my eye and dries up too quickly compared to the other circle lenses I've had which earned it a B+ instead of an A.

Comfort is always the most important trait of circle lenses. Other than that, I could totally wear it for makeup tutorials!

Get yours here: Klenspop

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  1. Those lenses are so pretty. Too bad I can't wear circle lenses because my eye sights are really bad :( Anyway, can't wait to see what makeup look you come up with for these lenses, Mellie!


    1. Thanks for dropping by Jolie! These circle lens come with powers, i'm sure you can enjoy them as well~


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