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by - July 28, 2017

Hello loves!

We all know online shopping is such a godsend to our lives. There is no need to step out and search about for the things we want but it can all be done with just a click of the mouse. I, personally LOVE online shopping. I get to discover new brands and stuffs and also buy the things I want minus the hassle of leaving the house.

For me, buying clothes online is a tough task. There are so many factors to consider when buying a piece of dress online it actually seemed arduous. But then there's Yoins ! A really convenient fashion platform online.

Yoins is an online store selling various styles of outfit including fashion dresses for women online. Ranging from dresses, tops, bottom to even accessories, Yoins have them all! I got into the website and didn't realize I spent 3 hours looking at all the outfits they have.

The clothes they offer range from various sizes, plus sizes to mini sizes which is actually what I find important in an online clothing store. I always have a hard time finding a piece of dress or outfit that I like and in my size as well. 

Their search system is amazing as you can search by size, patterns, style, sleeves, material, etc. This really made searching for a specific style extremely easy. Their list of currency is also very helpful so to convert their prices into your desired currency! 

It was incredible to see that they offer so much especially these days I've been looking at various sexy tops for women online. Those off-shoulder tops would look really stunning in summer paired with skirts or shorts! A few friends of mine have been praising that I look good in those outfits so I'm looking forward to try it, although I still seem a bit too shy to wear something that exposes my shoulder and arms //insecurities //

What I personally love about Yoins is that you can compare the sizes in inches/cm and there is an option to change pick your size in US/UK. It makes picking the perfect size for me much more easier! They ship internationally as well~

For all the fashion enthusiast, do drop by and take a look at Yoins

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