Review: Foodaholic Natural Essence Mask

by - July 30, 2017

Hey guys!

I'm back again with another review of sheet mask, also sponsored by Skin18. This time, they sent me Foodaholic Natural Essence Mask in Grain and Green Tea. 

My skin was in a bad condition and peeling pretty badly as it's itchy. Receiving this was kinda of like a godsend, I was looking forward so much to see how the results would turn out!

Green Tea - Moisture and soothing the skin
Grain - Nutrition and revitalization

When I received the Foodaholic Natural Essence Mask Grain, I was instantly reminded of when I was really young. My mom would wash grains to be cooked and the milky water, she would make me wash my face with them. Asian parents ;)

Anyways, these packets of mask feels heavier than others, probably because it is 23g and what caught my eye was that it's a 3D Shape NaturalPulp Mask! What is this 3D Shape Natural Pulp Mask?

I first thought that maybe the texture of the sheet mask would be pulpy and slightly rougher than normal masks- hence, 3D Pulp. But it's not! Read on to find out that it is~

The essence is not overflowing but just enough for the sheet mask to be soaked nicely. And the scent was pleasant, nothing like grain or green tea actually.

The texture of the sheet mask is really intriguing. See the rather pulpy texture of the mask? The sheet mask was pretty thick but it's filled with essence and the rigid lines at the corner is what helps to make the mask 3D.

So, why is this a 3D sheet mask? Foodaholic Natural Essence Mask is unlike any other sheet masks that I've used before. I was genuinely surprised at that sheet mask for once!

Like how other sheet masks are flat and it does not cover the nose well, this 3D pulp mask makes sure to cover your entire face according to your face shape! It fit mine so perfectly well that it was just amazing. I can feel every inch of my face being soaked in the essence.

The essence however is pretty normal. It absorbs in within 5 minutes, probably due to my extremely dehydrated skin at that point but it felt soothing and amazing.

Skin type: 
All skin types

When to use: 
I usually do my mask sheets at night. Toner - Mask Sheet - Eye Cream - Moisturizer.

It does not smell anything like the name of the mask. It just smells pleasant and soft.


  • Non-sticky
  • Amazing 3D fit
  • Essence absorbs fast
  • Inexpensive


  • The packaging is not very attractive

The verdict:
Absolutely loved it! I can even say that it's my favorite mask for now and I'd totally buy it! The 3D fit was perfect and made me feel like every area on my face is getting all the attention it needs. I can't say the essence are anything special but it helped my skin condition after 2 uses! Which was pretty fascinating as I've been applying what I can to my peeling skin and this mask made it work!

Get yours at: Skin18 - Green TeaGrain

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  1. Love korean masks!!
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    1. thank for dropping by~ i'll check out your blog!

  2. I think I need to give a try that green tea one, I love how it could moisturized skin and also perfect for all skin type :) The mask size is also okay for me, I should grab it soon, thank you for the review cutie <3



    1. yes~ i didnt know i would like it this much :) thanks for dropping by sweetie

  3. Wau, I was complaining about the mask shape in every review. But these masks look great! Thank you for sharing :))

    1. i hope you'll try them soon! thank you for dropping by~


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