5 Beauty Tips I Swear By

by - July 14, 2017

5 Beauty Tips I Swear By asian korean kbeauty tricks secret

Hello all~!

It has been a very much busy semester for me in college, I can't find the motivation to blog much! However my Instagram is very much more active as I've started to take an interest in snapping photos of beauty products!

Anyways, for today's post I will be sharing 5 beauty tips I swear by. There are always so many tips and tricks to the perfect, beautiful face all around the internet but seriously, are all those tips really necessary? Some are amazing and simple, I've learnt quite from them but some are just too complex and being a lazy person- like me, I tend to ignore them.

These 5 beauty tips that I'll be sharing are very simple and it's perfect for lazy people like me- or even those that are taking their first step into the world of beauty! They are simple, cheap and does not take too much of your time.

Let's get started!

1. Double cleansing

Wait, what-? Girl, are you crazy? No. For a bright and glowing face, it all starts from your skin care. No amount of makeup or cosmetic can help to achieve a naturally clean and glowy look on your face. Cleansing is the most important part of your skin care. The dirt and sebum has been on your face for an entire day and you must wash those off.

I always start by cleaning off my mascara and lip tint using oil cleansers. Get those stubborn things off! Oil cleansers are great but remember that they could be pore clogging hence I don't use them on my entire face.

The next step is to use a cream cleanser on my entire face. Cream cleansers are basically less oily than oil cleansers but they remove makeup really well.

Lastly, I use a foam cleanser on my entire face. The foam cleanser helps to cleanse my pores and wash off  the excess oil or sebum that's still on my face.

Yes, it may take some time especially when you're dead tired from a day out but your skin will thank you for that extra cleansing you did.

2. Two-step skincare

Have you ever experience days where you're just too lazy to go on a full 7-step or 10-step skincare routine? I've been diligently doing my two-step skincare every day and they prove the same results to me as a 7 or 10-step skin care. So, what's in a two-step skincare routine?

Toner and moisturizer. Always apply your toner and moisturizer after you wash your face. I do it two times a day.

3. Apply Aloe Vera gel on pimples or acne

If you're not a person who has pimple/acne problems but once in a while you get a huge red zit on your face, use Aloe Vera gel! Aloe Vera gel has many benefits and I use them on my pimples (when I have them)

They are not harsh on the skin and helps to reduce the redness and get rid of the pimple.

4. Avoid instant noodles a night before your big day!

If you have a date or some special occasion tomorrow, avoid instant noodles the day or two before! As instant noodles are high in sodium, eating these food the night before can make your face and eyes look bloated the next day.

Honestly, I am a person who LOVES instant noodles and I didn't believe in this nonsense one bit until the day I found out that, it actually is true! I had a date the next day and my entire face looked bloated that no amount of makeup or magic can get rid of it immediately.

5. When in doubt, go red.

Red is a very classic color and it will almost never go wrong. When you have your eye makeup done but you're unsure what color to suit your lips, go for shades of red. A nice red lip complements any makeup or color you have on your face. If you're a pale person, a tinge of red on your lips will make you look healthier however if you're a much tanner person, some colors may not look that great on your lips so go for red!

I always have red lip tints with me. I can have any kind of makeup look or color on my face but my lips are always shades of red.

Here are the 5 beauty tips I swear by.

Do you have any beauty tips you'd love to share? What are they?

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  1. Haha this is lovely
    Now I have an insight of the process needed for makeup 😉

  2. Useful tips! I love apply aloe gel on my pimples too. In fact, I use aloe gel for everything - dry skin, irritated skin sunburn. I just love it.


    1. yes! me too! it's like the all-in-one product!

  3. Great post!


  4. this post is amazing :)


  5. Well, recently I also do double cleansing and the result on my face is awesome! I rarely get any breakout and makes my skin smoother :) Oh, I also often spray my face with face mist, especially before bed, and it keeps my face stay hydrated, love it!



    1. ooh! i never thought of spraying facial mist before bed! should give it a try soon~


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