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Sunday, June 11

My vanity tour

Hey loves!

My vanity tour table desk

As you all know, I love cosmetics and basically anything that has to do with k-beauty. Ever since I took my first step into the world of k-beauty, I have been actively buying and using a lot of beauty products- and as a beauty blogger, a vanity table is very much essential to me.

My vanity space has become such a warm and happy place that I actually enjoy cleaning up and just looking at it! Honestly, my entire room is pretty much a mess but my vanity table is always clean and pleasing to look at.

When I first started my vanity space makeover a few months back, I had a hard time deciding how I should do it. As I was looking around for inspiration, I grew envious of people having a proper vanity table with a comfortable chair, huge mirror and dressers to stash their beauty items.

My room is not very spacious or well-lit and I have a tight budget on what I can spend or can not spend on. However, I was able to create something I've never thought would be possible! It took me a few months to get everything I needed to create the lovely space I now call my vanity space.

And I think it's time to finally show my comfort space, my vanity table.

My vanity tour table desk

I actually sit on the floor when I'm doing my makeup. Somehow it felt more comfortable to me than sitting on a chair.

My vanity tour table desk

My vanity tour table desk

I have this little kitchen trolley on the side of my table, filled with my cosmetics. The idea of using a kitchen trolley came to me when I was sourcing for a cabinet to store my cosmetics but they were expensive and pretty impractical. So I went for the better and cheaper alternative, the kitchen trolley.

My vanity tour table desk

It has wheels on the bottom, I can pull it out when I need it somewhere else aside from my room. Also, my cosmetics are arranged according to their use. I dump my lippies together, eye shadows  and palettes in one and so on.

My vanity tour table desk

My vanity tour table desk
Masks and skin care

My vanity tour table desk
Base makeup

My vanity tour table desk
Highlighter, Bronzer, Concealers and Blushers

My vanity tour table desk
Nail care

My vanity tour table desk
Lip products
My entire vanity space didn't cost me more than RM200! It's way under the budget I've set.

It's a pretty neat little vanity space but of course, there are still so many ways to improve it! I'd love some carpet or rug under my vanity desk as my floors are too cold to sit on comfortably early in the mornings while I'm getting my face done.

Arhaus offers a wide variety of living and home furniture that has a rustic and calming feel to it. It would be amazing to add in a thing or two onto my vanity desk to complete the look and also make it much more comfortable than it already is.

Their MYKNES SHAG RUG would be a perfect addition to my space or an alternative to a rug would be a comfortable pouf for me to sit on when it get cold on the floor. Their ERICA OUTDOOR HAND WOVEN BOLD STRIPE POUF seems very comfortable and pretty as an addition too.

To bring my vanity space to live at night, a floor lamp would look good on the side of my desk. Their ETON FLOOR LAMP looks too beautiful and seem like it would complete my space.

Do you have your own little vanity space? Share it with me below!

Till then.

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