5 Things To Do At Home When You're Sick

by - May 13, 2017

5 Tips and Things To Do At Home When You're Sick

Have you ever felt queasy and sick for days and all you can do is to stay home in bed? You pretty much would feel frustrated that you can’t move or even the slightest movement would make your head spin round and round.

I’ve been down with a fever for the past days which actually happened quite suddenly! I hadn’t been sick in a long time and it actually made me feel worse than any other fevers I’ve ever had. As much as I actually love staying at home, being sick AND forced to stay at home can get very unexciting and dreary.

There is that feeling of wanting to get your work done yet the nauseating feeling is just holding you back from doing anything productive!

But on the bright side, think of it as a chance that you are reminding yourself how overworked you are or that you have been neglecting your health and body. Although I’m more towards the latter.

Here are 5 things to do at home when you’re sick! To stay entertained yet giving your body the rest it needed.

1. Grab a light read
See that new book you have on your shelf waiting for its pages to be flipped open? Go do it. I have about 3-4 books I have bought yet untouched. This is the perfect time to actually get started on it. I could lay in bed all day with my bottle of water or drink with a book. It’s okay to not finish it! Don’t set a goal. You can read till you fall asleep or until you feel like it’s enough for the day.

2. Snack on lots of fruits
The truth is when you’re sick you basically lose your appetite as well. Having fruits could keep your tummy filled yet nourish you with enough vitamins your body needs! Really, this is the best reason for you to actually have little fun bites with various fruits; without having someone nagging that you’re hogging all the fruits to yourself.

3. Movie marathon
Pick a light movie or even better, a comedy or chick flicks to keep yourself entertained. When you’re feeling sad and uncomfortable, you’d want to stay away from movies that are too serious or dark. Classic chick flicks such as Clueless (1995), Mean Girls (2004), Moonstruck (1987), The Princess Diaries (2001) etc. would be a great company on sick days!

4. Pin it!
What is the best thing new technology has given to us? Pinterest! You can lay in bed the entire day and pin your favorite pins into a new board! Found a recipe you’d want to try when you’re feeling better? Pin it! Found a nice DIY for your next Sunday? Pin it! I could honestly stay in bed and do that for the entire day.

5. Sleep
Really. When you’re sick, you probably need lots of rest and that means, lots of nap! The best way is to cuddle your favorite toy or pillow and get the ZZZZZs on! You’ll feel much better after a good nap and when your body is fully rested, you’ll get better sooner! Yay!

Actually, there are so much more you can do on sick days but that’s basically what I did for mine! Also throw in a little assignments here and there- yup. My sick days aren’t that bad after all except for the bad body ache. Ah, I should get better soon.

Till then!

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