Travel Photo Diary: Seoul 2017

by - April 16, 2017

Now where do I start? I just landed in Penang a few days ago and rushed to make up for the classes I've been missing while I was in Seoul. Thinking back, my week in Seoul was more than amazing. It was how could I describe it? Far more memorable than any other vacations I've had the past year.

The week spent in Seoul was to catch up with a few friends, making new ones (very nice Seoulites!) and keeping the ones close even closer. Of course, let's all not forget about shopping till I drop dead and eating till I couldn't move an inch.

As I was there with a friend, our intention of the trip was to go shopping and eat like the locals. Thus, there were many places we've decided to forego. I had a great time showing my friend how I have been living in Seoul for the past years and boy- she was shocked.

Throughout the 7 days, we've managed to do things like how the locals would. Shop in cheap places around Seoul, eat in local diners, drink like a university student and so on. We had such an amazing time staying in our Airbnb guesthouse which was very conveniently located in Sinchon as well!

The weather? The first day was a spell of rainy weather which pretty much dampened out mood but did not stop our spirits from doing a massive shopping spree! The other days were cool and sunny, just the perfect spring weather for love and lots of fun.

We've done a series of crazy things like walking across the Mapo bridge, drinking with strangers and getting drunk at 4.00AM (and that's how you make friends, folks), wearing heels because I wanted the perfect spring ootd shot, waking up at 7.00AM just because, had a massive meat barbecue buffet, watched street performances and get spat by water (oh boy..), etc.

It was crazy yet not that crazy.

Let's not drag this any longer, let the photos do the talking.

omg my hearttttt

Not many photos because I was going crazy taking videos and Facebook live! However you can still find some of the photos not posted here on my instagram! @mellie.o

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