To Seoul... Once Again!

by - March 28, 2017

To Seoul... Once Again!

Yes, you have read that right. I'll be off to Seoul for a week to catch up with friends and do some crazy shopping. 

I can't believe this day has come to me, again. I was offered such a great opportunity to travel with one of my bestie and also back to Seoul, my favorite place. We have been planning this trip for months and it is finally happening in a few days.

All I'm feeling right now is excitement. I'm looking forward to walk the streets of Seoul again, the gorgeous spring weather, crazy Friday nights and the shopping- oh boy, I have already made a list of items I'll need to buy!

I've been packing and re-packing my bags as I excitedly imagine my outfits for the vacation. The one thing I love about being in Seoul is that I could dress up as nice as I like and people still don't feel that I'm overdressed. Makeup? Circle lenses? Cute skirts and dresses? That's all okay!

As I am typing this, a smile has been stuck on my face. I couldn't imagine the adventure awaiting for me in Seoul and my wonderful friends whom I've missed so much.

I'll have to end my blog update here for today as my internship report is still awaiting me at the corner. 

Couldn't wait!

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