Review: ETUDE HOUSE My Little Nut Fantastic Color Eyes #01 Lucky Red Nut

by - February 04, 2017

Red eye makeup can be rather vibrant and fancy but if worn in a simple way, it could be an amazing choice for a daily makeup!

What I’m about to share with you today is another cosmetic product review! ETUDE HOUSE’s My Little Nut Fantastic Color Eyes eye shadow palette in #01 Lucky Red Nut! If you remember, I have posted a photo of this on my Instagram and boyyyy, this has been my to-go eye shadow palette for every single occasion!

I've even featured it my Lunar New Year makeup tutorial!

Christmas? Checked
Lunar New Year? Checked
Dinner dates? Checked
Daily work? Checked

I’ve been looking for good eye shadow palette that’s not too boring nor fancy and when I saw these on the shelves of Etude House, I had to grab them!

And doesn’t the packaging look so magical? Takes me back to the memories of Barbie and the Nutcracker which I loved as a kid. Etude's packaging never fails so amaze me.

ETUDE HOUSE’s My Little Nut Fantastic Color Eyes eye shadow palette focuses on really beautiful shades of red to create amazing eye makeup. It focuses on shades of red, brown, and peach. Not to mention it features has a shimmery and matte finish.

We all know that ETUDE HOUSE’s eye shadows have amazing pigmentation and ETUDE HOUSE’s My Little Nut Fantastic Color Eyes is no exception! The pigmentation is amazing and it lasts on my eyelids for a long time!

  • Amazing pigmentation
  • Midrange price
  • Amazing packaging
  • Long lasting

  • The eyeshadow falls on the face during application with a brush

The verdict: A+! My favourite eyeshadow palette for now!

What are you waiting for? Go grab your very own ETUDE HOUSE’s My Little Nut Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadow palette!

Get your's here: Style Korean

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  1. Ahhh I really wanted to get this palette when it came out!! But the name just...... put me off a little bit ;; But it looks so pretty, I kind of regret not getting it now! I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

    Chai *


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