7 amazing Valentine date ideas for all the single ladies

by - February 14, 2017

7 amazing Valentine date ideas for all the single ladies

Oh boy, it's once again the most dreaded day of the year for all the single people in the world. Yes. On this day, as much as you tell yourself how useless Valentine's Day is, you're crying on the inside from the loneliness when you see your friends posting nice gifts and dates they had today.

So why should we wallow in our self-pity? Let's celebrate alongside them!

7 Amazing Valentine Date Ideas For The Single Ladies

Bring a fellow single lady out on a dinner date!
If you have a friend that’s also single on this day, ask her out for a good brunch or dinner to catch up on some friendly news! It’s a great way to spend the day outside without feeling lonely.

Pamper yourself silly, go online shopping!
What’s the best way to make yourself feel special and appreciated other than buying a gift for yourself? Bonus if you can write a small letter to yourself to be attached with the gift! To you, with love from you.

Spa day or at-home facial!
Book a day at your local spa and enjoy a good relaxation from your hectic day. If other couples are feeling happiness, so should you!

Spend the day volunteering at a dog shelter!
Love is not always just about receiving. If you don’t have a special someone on this day, why not give some of that love to homeless dogs? You’re sure to return home feeling warm and fuzzy.

Go on a rom-com movie marathon or pick up your favorite series!
It’s time to cry over stupidly romantic movies or laugh your heart out watching a nice comedy romance. On Valentine’s Day, why not pick up some good rom com movies and indulge yourself by imagining the love you are not receiving in reality.

Make a sundae!
Thrash the chocolate and go for a huge scoop of sundae dressed in your favorite toppings. If you’re on a strict diet, let lose today and have some sweet!

Finish a good romance novel with a glass of wine!
If you’re into something quiet and warm, cuddle yourself in a blanket and a good book accompanied with a good glass of wine. Doing this makes you feel on a more mature level than any other Valentine’s Day ideas.

Since this year’s Valentine’s Day fell on a Tuesday, unfortunately most of us have work from 9-5. Scratch out all the Valentine’s Day ideas and head to work! Just like me. Hah

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