Lifestyle changes, a good thing?

by - January 15, 2017

Hey loves! I'm back again with a short update.

I haven’t talked much about lifestyle on my blog since- 2015? Well here’s my very first lifestyle post for 2017. It’s the 3rd week of January and also my 3rd week of interning. I have never felt this great before! 

Sure, my interning company is amazing but I do feel so tired at times. I have very flexible working time and ample of break in between but ever since I started my internship, my entire daily routine has changed so much that it was a struggle on the first few days.

Adapting to a new surrounding and timetable was something I need to get used to. Well it’s not an entirely bad thing. I quite like the change honestly. I began to spend less time on the computer at home and I’ve started picking up my books again! So far I’ve managed to finish a book already- in just the first two weeks of 2017! Hah. Imagine that! Scratching that off from my list of 2017 goals seems very possible now.

But of course, I have been missing out on some k-drama and social media updates and other things too but it’s okay. I can catch up during the weekends. Also I have noticed that I’ve been bringing my own lunch to work almost every day and it has been a good change for my body. I’m eating healthily again!

I’ve been hitting the gym and sleeping earlier these days too and I think it’s doing miracles to me. I’ve always been a weak person, as in that I have a poor immune system. I’m always down with my heavy sinus or sniffling or having a bad headache all day. But these small daily lifestyle changes seems to be doing some good to me. 

I’ve realized that my dark eye bags are slowly disappearing. Yay! I wake up early almost daily and it feels great to my mind and body too. Back then, I was so stubborn on changing my lazy lifestyle but now that I’ve started, I don’t think I would want to stop.

All these small daily changes had changed the way I work or feel about my daily routine. I think it's wonderful. Even in just the first two weeks, I can feel amazing changes in my physical and spirituality. 

I hope to keep this up until the end of 2017! 

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  1. This is the most positive thing I've read this January
    Keep it up Melody
    Good to know

  2. This is the most positive thing I've read this January
    Keep it up Melody
    Good to know

  3. This is so motivating ♡ keep it up


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