Welcome December! Christmas wishlist, Tony Moly x Pokemon mascara?

by - December 02, 2016

Hey loves! Let's talk a little about the Christmas wishlist!

It's finally December, isn't it? Time flies too fast these days. It felt like January just 3 weeks ago and -poof- it's the last month of the year? It's unbelievable that i spent the entire year not knowing what i've done, i couldn't remember- is it because i was so busy with college that my everyday life is just college and assignments? hmm..

Well of course it has come to the time where it's everyone's favorite time of the year, the month of CHRISTMAS! The entire idea of Christmas is so heartwarming and exciting, don't you think so? Gifts exchanges and family dinners. I love Christmas. Now, to make it all perfect i would need winter or snow but unfortunately, Malaysia is summer all year round /groans/

But that doesn't mean i'll feel less excited about Christmas! I'm so excited about Christmas i even created a Christmas wishlist! I had a lot of fun creating this little Christmas wishlist of mine  although i know it's just a WISHLIST, i'll probably not get any of the items on the list but hey, it's not bad to at least imagine right?

So, let's start off with the first thing on my list.

1. COSRX Make Me Lovely Cushion - I personally love love love the casing! According to some bloggers, it has a great coverage, high SPF and moisture as well!

2. The Face Shop Winnie the Pooh Mono Pop Eyes - Alright, I really need my very own eye shadow palette. I've been using single eye shadows and honestly it's so difficult to bring them around because well, instead of bringing one eye shadow palette, i'm bringing around like 3-4 pieces of single eye shadow. And the shades for this palette is totally my style; brown, red and it's monotones. love!

3. Tony Moly x Pokemon Collection - Being a huge fan of Pokemon since i was 6, i must not! MUST NOT! skip out on this product but it's sooo difficult to get it in my place! The shops in my place sell limited products and it's not up to date. Lately, Tony Moly as introduced a Pokemon mascara and pouch to it's collection and boy- I NEED IT.

4. VDL Expert Eye Book 6.4 (No.5) - Again, i love the case the eye shadows come in and the shades. oh my gosh- i could totally work with those on a daily basis!

5. Pokemon Moon N3DS game - When this game was released, i didn't quite like the new features and pokemons but you know, it grows on you slowly. I've been replaying my Alpha Sapphire and X over and over again, i'd love a new change of Pokemons too! Now i just need the global trade to work with the X/AS version.

6. Makeup brush set - Which beauty blogger does not own her very own makeup brush set? /raises hand/ me. me. yours truly. I've been using 3 small eyeshadow brushes that i bought from the streets. It has done me well all these while but the crave for my own makeup brush set is just /sighs/ i'd love to have one.

7. Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Skin Care set - I'll have to say, i think i need an entire line of skin care from the same collection and brand. I've been using my skin care products which consist of different brands and although it kept my face in a good condition until now, i felt like my skin condition could be improved if i were to use a proper set of skin care.

Well, that's 7 items in my Christmas wishlist.

What is your Christmas wishlist? Care to share?

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  1. Would also love to receive pokemon makeups! Thanks for your wonderful comment on Qing's Style. Hope to hear from you soon!

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