Hair update! Short bob?

by - November 13, 2016

Hi loves!

I know i'm late as those who have been following my Instagram would have already known that


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I got tired of my bleached and spoiled ends and i decided to chop them off and start growing my hair healthily /pftt

So off i went to my hairdresser and told her i wanted to chop them all off and maybe add some see-through bangs to make it look cuter. And holy- i looked 16 again!

I had the same haircut while i was in Korea. I was kinda in a love-hate relationship with my hair length but this time, i rather loved it? I think short hair suits my face shape and head size really well. and the bangs? they definitely make my usually large forehead look smaller!

The downside to this haircut is that i don't get to tie my hair when i'm feeling sweaty and my bangs need a lot of care.

But hey, i'm loving it this time so i plan on keeping it short until i get sick of it lol

Till next time!

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