DEAN [130 Mood: TRBL ] Promo Tour in Malaysia

by - September 15, 2016

I know it's been days since it happened but i'm still feeling so dreamy about it. So last Sunday, DEAN came to Penang! Like finally, someone that actually comes to Penang to promote. If you guys haven't heard of DEAN please, do google him up lol

Anyways as i was saying, i went to see him on Sunday! He held a mini showcase and autograph session which is actually fairly easy to get in. You just got to get his latest album to get into the autograph session and the showcase is actually free. 

It was held in a mall so no doubt there were tons of people watching. It was so exciting i can't believe i saw him irl because /squeeee/ i've been so in love with his music some time ago and being able to see him perform live just made my heart flutter!

As usual i went there like 4 hours earlier to wait but it wasn't really necessary as there were not THAT many people probably like only about 400 people? idk but i got a really nice spot!

DEAN is VERY VERY VERY handsome in real life like wow. I just can't take my eyes off him! And! he looks super cute when he smiles. How do such people exist /cries

Of course fans went with their crazy cool DSLR cameras and there was me, with a small shaky digital camera /wails/ It's so difficult to capture his perfection on stage but i have to say, he sings with such passion and emotion.

He performed about 4 songs and honestly it caught me off-guard when he performed I'm Not Sorry because that was my favorite song! The crowd was so wild when the song came on he even sprinkled water on us /lmao boy~

The autograph session went so fast, i only got 10 seconds with him and i was just blurting out things in Korean. He was so busy signing albums because the organizer/person kept pushing more and more albums to him as soon as he's done with one but he talked to me while keeping his eyes on the album. However he did look up and gave me a smile at the end and even offered a hi5 which im just so shy and tapped his hand lightly /cries/ his hand is huge btw i bet it feels comfy too.

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I miss DEAN already :')

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  1. Ahhh DEAN! I only found out about him through his songs with Heize. He was in Manila for this tour but it was so sudden that I couldn't make time for it ;__; Glad you had fun though!

    1. thank you dearie~ i hope you'll get a chance to see him soon! <3


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