Help me! Hair update

by - August 07, 2016

Hey loves! I'm sooooo excited to tell you about my new hair update!

So one day i kinda have my 'just do it' attitude on, i went to the hair salon near my house and asked for an ombre purple hair lol

My hairstylist told me to get grey ombre as it's really popular right now but apparently my hair isn't really lightening even after bleaching it THREE TIMES. yes, THREE times. I had my hair bleached three times!

At that point i was horrified because my hair was never in a good condition but bleaching it THREE times kinda just put me like a rabbit in the headlights. I had to stop my hairstylist to told her i'm going with purple instead, which does not require anymore bleaching.

I had purple hair about 3 years ago and having the same hairstyle again is kinda meh- since i wanted to try something new but it couldn't be avoided either ways.

So tadaaa~ this is my current hairstyle!

My hairstylist did a wonderful job at keeping those bleached and fried ends look quite tame but now that i've washed it again (after 4 days) IT'S NOW A HORRIBLE CHUNK OF FRIED HAIR (no photos i'm sorry)

I'm freaking out as it keeps breaking and it's tangling really easily, it's even difficult for me to comb my hair with my fingers!  I'm sure i did not experience this the last time i bleached my hair but this time i'm just horrified.

Anyone out there who can recommend me some products to use or if you have bleached hair, what is your hair care routine?? How can i save this mess? (instead of chopping them off) 

My hair takes really long to grow and if it doesn't grow well because of my bleached ends, i'm done with my life. so done.

I still love my hair color tho but lord pls save this hair.

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  1. It's such a pretty color, Mellie! I recently had the same problem as you do. I died my hair ombre blue and had to bleach my hair 4 times for the blue color to show. Well you can guess how my hair ends turned out. The products I used that actually help are the Loreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm and OGX Argan oil of Morocco. They are my HG products for hair! Both affordable and recommended by Michelle Phan. Check it out! I really hope they help as they do wonder restoring my hair.

    Good luck, Mellie!

  2. Ayyyyyy joining the purple hair squad ;D I remember bleaching my hair quite a few times when I went grey and omg it felt like spaghetti every time I washed it. What saved it was Joico's Deep Penetrating Reconstructor - great stuff and smells like bananas ^^ Replace your normal conditioner with a hair mask and soak your hair in coconut oil. Obvs goes without saying that you should avoid all heat styling altogether until it recovers as well :) Hope I helped and good luck Mellie~ ^^

  3. I bought Etude House Silk Scarf Shampoo as my hair condition is poor even without dying. It's expensive and I use it only when my hair is really trashy. You will feel a real difference when you will touch your hair. Silk Scarf essence is a gift from heavens for me too. I hope your hair will get better soon! Have a nice day~

  4. Don't worry girl, i've bleached my hair like so many times that I've lose count tbh lol. Actually I don't even have a hair care routine lol it's probably because I pay $100 treatment ($200 usually but i get a discount) at the salon every time i go there which I never really want to get coz i'm poor af but I don't want to look like a cheap ass so I just do it ;A; ...guess it's helped a lot though haha.
    I do recommend to not wash your hair so often, I wash my hair roughly twice a week and use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, the one I use is the Loreal Ever series, I buy different ones each time from that line because all of them work really well!! I think Loreal EverPure would be good for you since it prevents colour from fading too quickly.
    Also try doing an overnight coconut oil treatment by soaking your hair in virgin coconut oil and wearing a shower cap to bed. Try doing an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse too when washing your hair, my mum does it and her hair is super shiny! And use silk pillow covers.

    Sorry for the massive comment D:


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