Review: Watson Water360 Spring Soothing Spray

by - July 13, 2016

Hola dearies! I'm back with another edition of Favorite Picks! This time i'll be sharing my favorite pick among facial mist/spray!

Featuring.... Watson Water360 Spring Soothing Spray !

Watsons have their very own brand or line of items but it was my first time encountering a skincare line of Watsons that actually attracted my eyes. Of course, it was a newly released skincare line at that time so i decided to try out some testers and with the promoter coaxing me into buying it, i did /omg mellie/ lol

Anyways, i tested out this product in Watsons and i liked it! Hence i got myself a bottle and when i got home, i tested it out for a few days and guess what, I LOVE IT.  So off i go again to get myself ANOTHER BOTTLE yes, another bottle because i just simply love this product~!

Watson Water360 Spring Soothing Spray comes in a 50ml spray bottle so it fits easily inside my bag and well, the blue color is pretty cute *u*

All in all, it is after all the same as any other facial spray out there but i love that it is not sticky and it has a cooling effect which works wonders in the crazy hot Malaysia weather! 

After spraying, it immediately moisturizes the skin and leaves the skin in a cooling and refreshing feeling! It dried up pretty quickly in a few seconds and that's what i like about it! 

Stickiness? This spray does not leave any sticky feeling to it but instead, it has a somewhat satin-like finish! I tested out the stickiness by spraying a little on the back of my hand and then without waiting, dipped my hand into a bowl of small shredded tissues.

Best of all, the price for this facial spray is only RM17.90?? Like i literally can not believe it. It costs me below RM20.00 but still works wonders for me like magic!

The verdict:

✦ Non-sticky finish
✦ Works great for oily skin
✦ Moisturizing
✦ Cooling and refreshing
✦ Cheap price

There is nothing i dislike about this product! 

Repurchase? Heck yes.

What are your favorite facial sprays?

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  1. Hello Melody, your blog is truly cute! I am following you and I hope we can be "blogger friends"! This mist looks great, thank you for introducing new item which I didn't know before~

    Have a nice day ^^

    1. thank you for dropping by dear! of course we can be blogger friends~! just slide into my comments or email anytime ^^

  2. This sounds like an amazing product but it so sad how we don't have a Watsons here T__T I love products that absorb quickly because I don't have to wait so long to put on the next one :P

    1. I hope you are able to get it online because this work wonders for me!

  3. I usually use Etude's aloe mist but it's a little bit sticky on my face and sometimes it ruins my dewy face makeup :( I think I should try this one for sure! Thank you so much sweetie! I add this Watso to my list! <3



    1. not only that it ruins your makeup but sticky facial mists make me feel really uncomfortable haha

  4. The review makes me want to buy.....I will check it out soon
    Lakshmi Praba - bigiscompatible.blogspot


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