What's In My Suitcase? - Bangkok Trip

by - March 11, 2016

Whee~! I'm here to say that i'll be leaving on a short vacay to Bangkok next week!

I'll be taking the train which means, almost 20 hours on the train. ;;
It's been a while since i've been to Bangkok and also taken a train there. When i was much younger, my dad worked in Bangkok therefore i have to visit him every year and i'll take the train so whenever it comes to that time, i hated it so much but as i grew older i began to like it more because of one thing- i'm sure that's the reason why people love taking vacations in Bangkok


I'm so excited this trip as it's my first trip to Bangkok in 4 years!

I began packing my suitcase as lightly as possible as i am very sure i'll be making crazy major hauls in Bangkok.

Shall we have a look?
I'm packing all my stuffs into a carry-on luggage bag since i wont be needing much things and i have extra fold-able bags if i did buy a lot to bring home.

I have a few pieces of t-shirts enough for me to last for 4 days and 3 three pairs of shorts since the weather will be scorching hot in mid march. Forget about fancy dresses or shoes, i will only be doing my shopping on the streets and eating lots of street food so for safety precaution i'm avoiding bringing any luxury items!

Of course i have my mini hair straightener with me because my hair is just a crazy mess if i don't fix them with a straightener //although i do try to not use them daily ;;

And a peek into my makeup pouch!
I won't be bringing many cosmetics as i prefer to cut down on the make up since i will be sweating like a pig under the blazing sun!

Samples and trial kit skincare are my favorites to use on vacations as it's light and small and we can toss them away after using. It doesn't take up much space in your bag too!

And not forgetting my sling bag which i will be carrying with me all my important items and documents!

I'm extremely excited for my little trip down to Bangkok.
I'm still deciding if i should vlog my trip so let's see in the next post!


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  1. Good luck on your trip! Wish I could go on holiday rn T___T Please vlog your trip, I'd love to see your experience in Bangkok ^^


    1. Thank you~ i will try to vlog my trip so please stay tuned! :)

  2. so excited about your trip! wish I could visit Bangkok one day <3 & i don't know why i haven't though about it befote but i need to get a mini straightener too.. i'm always just taking this big thing with me haha


    1. a mini straightener will always come in handy haha :D


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