Travel Photo Diary: Bangkok Trip + Vlog

by - March 23, 2016

สวัสดี lovelies! As i promised, today i'll be posting a little of my travel diary to Bangkok! Before i start, let me say a few things. I go to Bangkok yearly since i was a little girl as my dad used to work in Bangkok so being there again, nothing's new to me but i was really excited for the FOOD & SHOPPING.

This trip, i was there for about 5 days but i only spent 2 days in the city itself before moving to my uncle's house which is a little further from the city and there's really nothing much to do back there sobs.

Let's get started! The exciting part about my journey to Bangkok is that i took the train instead of a flight. Cool isn't it? It takes about 22 crazy hours on train but it's really fun sometimes! You'll have to sleep on the train where the staff will come and make your bed for you and there's even a diner on the train. I always take the train to Bangkok so i always prepare my own food for the journey.

Usually i bring with me a good book to read or even a sketchbook (you can open up the table stashed beneath the seats) But time passes so fast that i didn't even read my book, i actually slept almost the whole journey!

I mentioned that there's a diner/cafeteria on the train or the waiter will come around asking if you'd like to order food and they'll serve it to you but hey, the food is expensive and just really difficult to digest so i usually don't order them. Instead, i woke up early and prepared sandwiches, sausages and salad to bring with me and since it's really cold on the train, the sandwiches can be eaten for tomorrow's breakfast as well.

Now, after 22 tiring hours of the train ride, i finally checked into my usual hotel right slab in the heart of the city! It's my most trusted hotel and it's extremely convenient. It might seem a little old as some reviewers would say but hey, it's really not that bad.

A really pretty room, although it does not come with breakfast service because i opted to not have them. Instead i would go down to the nearby market right outside to have my breakfast! True taste of Thailand!

My 2 days in the city was just shopping shopping shopping SHOPPING AND FOOD. Like it's no joke. I would wake up and leave the hotel at around 11am to do my shopping non-stop! until 8-9pm. Woah.

On the 3rd day, i took the taxi down to my uncle's house and well, it's a little on the outskirts so there isn't much but they do have a HUGEASS LUXURY shopping complex which i can't afford anything but just to kill time, i went. And food. My uncle knows the best place for really good Thai food. Scratch the usual common Tom Yum and such, he brought my family and i for Thai food that we've never eaten before and they are delicious! True taste of Thai food!

Not only that, he too brought us to some recreational seaside/park where you can enjoy the breeze, the sea and the humongous flock of seagulls flying right next to your head. Omfff~

That basically sums up my whole Bangkok trip. Not much but it's just a small trip with my family to attend some business matters and for me to do some serious shopping lol.

And as i promised, a vlog of my trip. Unfortunately most of my footages could not be used therefore the vlog is only about my first 2 days in Bangkok city itself /cries. It's a very short vlog but wow it took me a day just to get it done as i'm still so new to all these!

Not sure if i will do a vlog anytime soon. I think i prefer typing and photographing instead of vlogging lol

Have a look!

I swear i'll do a better job on my next vlog (if i am doing one again) I learned so much from making this vlog so i'll be sure to put those to good use on my next one!
Haul video or Haul blogpost? Hmmm..
Lā k̀xn

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  1. Good post!! I´m following you
    your blog is so cute
    kisses from Spain
    ps: I love travel too

  2. it looks really awesome! loving the vlog, wiiiish i could go there one day x

    1. i wish you could! it's a very nice place!


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