Foods you MUST eat in Seoul!

by - February 18, 2016

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea

For today's blog post, i will be compiling a menu, yes a menu for those who wish to visit Seoul and get their taste buds dancing with these dishes that you MUST try.

I'm not talking about food like Bibimbap or Kimbap or Ddeokbokki but food that real, actual and mostly everyone can enjoy with their friends (or maybe it's just me and my friends lol)! And also they're the ones i enjoyed the most during my stay in Korea.

If you have NEVER tried any of this please put these in the list of food you have to eat in Korea!

I cant provide the exact location of the dishes but i'll just briefly say where to find them and you can definitely search them up on Naver/Daum Map!

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea

1. 닭갈비 Dalkkalbi 

This dish is a stir fry spicy marinated chicken with cabbages, rice cake, sweet potatoes, etc! You guys must be wondering, why am i introducing such a common food that every tourist eats? Well you see i have a secret method of eating this food! Usually, instead of the normal rice cake, i switch it to cheese rice cake and it's very YUMMMM. After finishing like 3/4 of the dish, i would order fried rice. The rice is actually added into the hot plate and stir fried. The way to eat is that you should only eat the top first before scrapping the bottom because that's the burnt rice(?) It's golden and crispy so it actually feel like you're eating a cracker!

You can find them almost everywhere! The most popular restaurant selling this dish is Yoo-Ga-Nae although i do prefer other restaurants but this restaurant is very foreigner friendly as they have menus in Japanese, English and Chinese. If you're around Myeongdong or Sinchon, head to Yoo-Ga-Nae and give them a try!

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea

    Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea

2. 빙수 Bingsoo

Bingsoo is a basically Korean Shaved Ice. They have various toppings from red beans to melons and even cheese! This is a  must eat after a day of tiring shopping or just a place to chill while you rest your legs from the excessive shopping lol. My favorite to-go place for Bingsoo is SeolBing. SeolBing offers a wide variety of Bingsoo. One of my most favorite from their daily menu is the Cheese Bingsoo. Cheese Bingsoo, Cheese Bingsoo? Cheese BINGSOO?? Yes, their cheese bingsoo is the bomb. Don't bother trying anything else (although everything tastes great). I love how the ice is very finely shaved, it actually feels like you're eating snow!

Above picture is their seasonal bingsoo which is basically a strawberry shortcake bingsoo! The ice is very soft and milky, strawberry jam fill the middle and at the bottom a fine layer of cake. So much yumzzzz. 

So, please give SeolBing a try even if the day is cold. I have Bingsoo during winter as well lol.

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea
Cheese Jjimdalk

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea
Traditional Jjimdalk

3. 찜닭 Jjimdalk

This dish is my ultimate favorite. It tastes a little more oriental chinese but wow it just really blows me off my socks! It is basically a steamed chicken dish with a variety of vegetables. I usually have them with noodles, not just ordinary noodle but their flat glass noodles. Also i would order it a little spicy to give me that pinch of spice! It goes great with rice as well but do not, DO NOT forget to add on the flat glass noodles because that's the main highlight.

There's so many variety of Jjimdalk these days. From fiery spicy chicken to cheese jjimdalk. In the above photo, i ordered a really spicy jjimdalk and baked cheese on top with add-on flat glass noodles. So flavorful!

The most popular traditional jjimdalk you can find is Andong Jjimdalk in Sinchon, Insadong, Myeongdong, etc. But if you're looking for a twist to this traditional taste, try Daepo Jjimdalk in Sinchon! Their Monster Jjimdalk is recommended (if there's 4 or more people)

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea
4. 만두 Mandu

Mandus are dumplings be it deep fried or steamed. It has a wide variety of filling from kimchi, pork, chicken to prawns! Mandu is a quick snack that anyone and grab on the go or sit in a cramped restaurant and enjoy the delicious hot plate of deep fried mandus. 

My favorite mandu place is at Ewha's shopping street! It's at the very end of the street on the 1st floor of a huge building. And this restaurant only sells Mandu nothing else!

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea

5. 보쌈 Bossam

Bossam are pork wraps. The pork is firstly boiled in a flavorful broth for hours and it's usually wrapped in fresh lettuce and kimchi!

It can be really tricky to find the perfect Bossam as boiled pork might smell a little if not done right or not use fresh ingredients.

My plate of Bossam is from a Noodle restaurant in Garosugil. It comes with the set of noodles and i find the Bossam reallllly good!

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea

6. 감자탕 Gamjatang

This dish is basically a spicy stew or soup made with pork spine and potatoes. It has glass noodles, perilla leaves and other ingredients in the stew and it often eaten with rice! 

I fell in love with this dish on a cold rainy winter day in Seoul. It's refreshing and after the meal you'll feel really warmed up. Not recommended on sweaty hot summer afternoons though lol. After finishing your dish, you can request for fried rice which will be fried together with your leftovers in the hot plate!

This restaurant in Sinchon serves only Gamjatang but they have a wide variety including noodle (ramen) Gamjatang and seafood Gamjatang as well!

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea

7. 차돌박이 Chadol Bagi 

Chadol Bagi is actually unmarinated thinly slice of beef brisket and is popular in BBQ restaurants! My friends often call them Korea Bacon lol because they do taste like beef bacon after grilling.

The restaurant i went in Hongdae serves them with korean hot sauce poured over it and honestly it tastes a little bit like satay ;;; I would really recommend the unmarinated version because you can taste the deep flavors of beef and had a little tinge of salt so it's just amazingg!

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea

8. 칼국수 Kalguksu

Kalguksu is knife cut noodles served in flavorful broth with any toppings. It can be beef / seafood / etc but the one i and talking about is Myeongdong Gyoza's kalguksu! Among all the kalguksu i have tried MyeongDong Gyoza serves the most flavorful and impactful kalguksu. I can never stop my serious cravings for this dish!

Myeongdong Gyoza is very popular among tourists and honestly i tend to avoid tourist restaurants as they taste just mehhh and their prices are like woah expensive. However this chain restaurant is just perfect, although it is expensive compared to others but their kalguksu can never be compared!

Not only that, the Mandu in this restaurant is A++ as well. It used to be only 8,000won for a dish but now it has increased to 10,000won /gasps/

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea

9. 양념치킨Yangnyeom Chicken

One can never truly experience Seoul's lifestyle without tasting their fried chicken (with beer of course)  It amazes me how their fried chicken can be so crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside. I can never find that in Malaysia.

The most significant of allll flavors of their fried chicken is the Yangnyeom. Yangnyeom is basically a spicy sauce with a tinge of sweetness. The chicken is firstly fried then tossed in the sauce briefly before serving. It tastes amazing with cold beer.

You can find fried chicken stores almost everywhere in Sinchon, and they all do taste amazing so head in and try it!

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea

10. 설렁탕 Seolleongtang

This dish is a beef bone broth. the milky broth is very aromatic although it does not hold much taste but it's really rich as you can taste the beef bone. Usually it's bland so you can add salt up to your liking. It's usually served with either noodles or rice.

It's perfect if you're looking for something not too tasty to cleanse your tummy after days of having burning spicy food. 

Korean Foods you MUST eat in Seoul Korea

11. All -You-Can-Eat BBQ Buffet

Let's say it's your last night in Seoul and all you want to do is to have a great party with your friends. The cheapest and tastiest choice is ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BBQ BUFFET! Yesss! This meal only costs around 9,900won to any price depending on the restaurant. This restaurant i visited in Sinchon only serves the whole buffet for 9,900won! and it's without time limit! You can sit and binge on it whole night (although it's rude to do so as they have a line of customers)

Aside from that, soft drinks are free and refillable woohoo! They have a large selection of meat, marinated or not, pork, beef or chicken for you to choose from. They do not only serve a variety of meat but also rice cakes, marinated squid, pumpkin for grilling and fried food like fries and mandu for your to enjoy while you wait for your meat to cook.

Wowzers all these for only 9,900won and after that you can head over to a pub to drink with your friends. Amazing and cheap isn't it?

I've shared my 11 foods you must eat in Seoul. What is your list of food that you'd recommend people to eat?

What is your favorite korean food?

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