Fanaccount: Watching BAP for the first time in Music Shows part 3

by - February 07, 2016

I was taking a break from posting these fanaccounts as i didn't want them all to be too congested but hey, here is the 3rd and last part of my fanaccount!


Fanaccount Watching BAP for the first time in Music Shows part 3


For this fanaccount, i went to The Show by myself as my friend can't make it. I was nervous as it was a new show and i have no one to ask if i ever run into problems but it all went pretty smoothly. I was freaking out because it was the time to be doing the roll call but our BABY line isn't even there until a few minutes later only i saw the fanstaffs. pheww~ 
We had to fill in some MatoPuzzle thing so well, i took my chances by filling in my queue number and birthdate.

Anyways this recording is pretty awesome. We were told to get in by 12pm but BAP's actual recording was at 3pm(?) so i had a hunch that we'll be watching other idol groups as well and I WAS RIGHT. We were left standing around the stage like if i were to extend my arm i would have touched BAP lol

So we started off watching Roy Kim, he pretty much recorded like 3 times. Man, my knees were already shaking by that time like i want to sit down, it was tiring. Then we moved along to seeing Up10tion (these boys are cute af), Nine Muses, FT Island, Lee Hongki and some before BAP's turn.

Do i really need words to describe BAP? They're just perfection and this is the first time being SO CLOSE to BAP especially during Daehyun and Youngjae's duet part, the other members were just standing right infront of me oh god /fans self

BAP's recording was only twice /cries/ i really want to see them more but wow i was so tired. Our fanchants cant be heard because there was no mic to record our voices so the fanstaff kept telling us to scream louder but honestly there were not that many BABYs.. probably about 50 or less?

After BAP we get to see other idol groups too but the one i remembered the best was Seventeen. Man their fans are like woah so many and i have to say their songs are reallllly catchy especially at a part where they were waving to us and Woozi(?) was smiling so cutely i burst out laughing looking at him. gosh he's so tiny and cute.

After all that we ended at about 6pm and was told to get back for the live recording at 7pm(?) i was already almost crawling on the floor from tiredness so i decided to skip out the live recording and went straight home.


as i was on my way home, i received a notification on twitter from the fanstaff that my Mato Puzzle matched with Yongguk's and i won his original card with signature ?????!!!!???!!?!?! I was never lucky in any of these but ??!?!

I was freaking out because i need to go back there and get it but i had a plan with my other friend to catch a midnight movie. I was freaking out on twitter and god bless some BABYs who are so kind to help me ask the fanstaffs on site if i can get it some other time, but i can't go to another music recording (and i doubt they'll have any other) so i had to go back there and collect it.

Fanaccount Watching BAP for the first time in Music Shows part 3

My friend tagged along with me so as i was getting the MatoPuzzle from the fanstaff my friend was running around taking photos and videos of other idols leaving the building.


i was so tired so i just leaned by the pillar and someone came out brushing past me and i was like? ????? IT WAS HIMCHAN. HIMCHAN OH MY GOD HE JUST TOUCHED BRUSHED PAST MY COAT. And the other fans started pushing me and crowing around i cant move anywhere but have BAP all walk past me, brushing against my coat and i was just left dumbfounded like omg did i just feel Daehyun's breath on my skin. I didn't mean to be that close but i had no where to turn to and i was stuck between the pushing fans and the pillar. 

My hand was shakily recording with my phone but i was all dark because they're all brushing against my camera so it's just blackkkk although there are parts where i can see Daehyun / Jongup / Zelo and Yongguk. ;;; 

However something really bothered me was that this fan(?) immediately grabbed and linked Yongguk's arm with her and started talking to him as he walks out. He looks at her kind of confused but was smiling at her, trying to be polite. I'm not sure but that's what i saw :/

Anyways it was so crazy. Not only BAP but many other idols as well. I missed the midnight movie but my friend and i was happy to be able to see more idols instead lol

So this sums up my whole watching BAP in Music Show fanaccount. I wish i was able to see more of them but yeah, i couldn't. /sobs

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  1. this must be an unforgettable experience omg thank you for writing it down and sharing it with babyz^^

  2. Wow, what an amazing event! It sounds like an incredible experience! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  3. aww looks like you had fun <33

    cheer, michelle ~

    1. although it's tiring i had sooo much fun haha

  4. SO happy for you and it looks so fun! Thanks for commenting on Qing's Style. I hope you always keep in touch!
    Check my feed too! @qingsstyle


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