Fanaccount: Watching BAP at Music Shows for the first time! Part 2

by - January 20, 2016

Man, after uploading the first part i went to sit in a corner and sob bcs i miss bap so much cries


For this post, i will be talking about BAP's recording in Inkigayo! I can't remember the exact date but yeah, it was just the day after i went for Music Core's recording. Oh, Nov 22, 2015.

So, as i have mentioned here: part 1 , BAP's Inkigayo recording was scheduled to be at 5am. 5 AM in the freezing winter. 5 AM when most buses aren't available yet, 5 AM when the subway is not moving yet. 5 AM when it's 5°C outside, 5 AM when it's still dark outside.

Actually, i arrived the area the night before, at 11.45pm by taking the last subway because i didn't want to take the cab alone at 4am. Luckily i have a friend with me so i wasn't all alone and bored while waiting lol We look like 2 crazy fangirls loitering around looking for a warm cafe to crash and sleep in until 4AM for the number check-in. But hey guess what? We aren't the only one. I saw many other BABYs as well, sleeping and resting in cafes.

I was so tired honestly. I had little to no sleep the day before due to the other recording and getting home at around 5pm before leaving the house at 10pm and i'm already there at the cafe at 11.45pm? Pretty crazy. I was pretty much just dozing off waiting for time to pass as my friend was doing her homework(?) Funny thing is we both woke up at about 3am and start putting on our makeup in the dim cafe lighting. Man, that was a crazy challenge.

By 4am, we're already waiting and getting in the number check-in by the fanstaff in front of the recording studio. That day they were giving out Daehyun's photocard yayy ;u; So i was standing in line alone when the broadcast station staff pulled the girl next to me, telling her to go in.  Obviously i was just like ??? what's happening. But she came out a few minutes later squealing as she told her friend (which i overheard im sorry) She was saying something about light check and she had to stand beside BAP, actually Daehyun so they can fix the stage lights and Daehyun was complementing her that she looks pretty. /dies why not meee

So, back again, we've been standing in the freezing cold for 1 hour and it's past the recording time. A little while later the fanstaff came out and told us to wait for another hour because the stage prop fell ; remember in the music video, there's the lion statue? Yeah, it fell down and they have to rebuild the stage. boohoo

Honestly at that point, BABYs were pretty much pissed for having to wait outside in the freezing cold for 2 hours and they told the fanstaff to let us go so we can get warmed up and we'll come back in an hour.

As i was going to the convenience store. Wow, this was pretty interesting. A korean BABY tapped me on my shoulder and showed me my instagram page on her phone. Half of me was like wtf? and another half was just like who are you? Found out that she was a follower from my instagram. We did exchange a few words before but i never thought anyone could ever recognise me from my instagram lol

We talked a bit before we're asked to get back in line again ((we're only given 15 mins or so before the fanstaff asked us to get back sobs)) Luckily i managed to get a hot pack from the mart so i'm saved from the horrendous cold.

Basically we waited until 7am before we're let in. Mind you, it's 1 hour past the recording time and when we got in BAP WAS ALREADY HALFWAY PERFORMING! Dang, we all scrambled to our seats and continued the cheering. In 2 takes, the PD ended the pre-recording and i was just ?? On the last take, Himchan accidentally bumped into Daehyun so we're expecting them to re-record but they ended just like that. Even the greeting from BAP was really short. They did say they prepared some special gifts for us but because of the delay, they couldn't really do it and so they went off the stage. noooooooooo ;;

So as we walked out, the fanstaff told us to come back for the gifts that BAP prepared at 10am. What. Everyone was so tired but we have to wait for another 3 hours? Oh dear, for the love of BAP me, my friend, and the new korean friend decided to go rest in a cafe while waiting.

And in the cafe. My goodness. It's filled with BABYs sleeping! Everyone of them have their heads on the table it was a rather cute and funny sight tbh. We received news that BAP had prepared a food truck for us!


So at 10am we went back and waited in line for 1 hour before the fanstaff told us that the drink machine broke down and we might have to come back at 12am instead! /fumes/

We're tired, barely had any sleep and now we're asked to wait again for 1 more hour? Oh nonooonoo. Some BABYs gave up and went home but i insisted on staying because well, since i'm already there why not?

So back at 11am, we waited AGAIN and the fanstaffs came out giving sandwiches. They're so cute!

For the drinks, we can pick from the special menu~

While waiting for the drinks, the fanstaff asked us to join in Dynamic Duo's pre-recording and we might win a signed poster if we do! So yay! Although i did not win, it was really fun watching Dynamic Duo. After coming out we again, have to wait for our drinks for an hour or two. There's so much waiting. i dont even know-

So i finally got my drink. I tried on the La-Himchan-Tea which is just lime tea lol

By the time i got my drink it's already 2pm. Dear god i've been running on caffeine without sleep since saturday night and at 7pm, there's a BAP open fansign at Jamsil. Yes. I have to go home, wash up and go directly to Jamsil to see BAP /melts on floor

Overall, Inkigayo's recording is just crazy. We waited so much. It was tiring but hey, i got free sandwiches and drinks from BAP lol.

Stay tune for part 3!


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  1. ohhh wow this is great =)

  2. Oh the things you do for your idols. I wish I can see my fav. idols too

  3. OMG OMG OMG!! this is so awesomeeeee!! I would honestly die if I saw BAP live, especially youngjae (my bias :P). It sucks that you had to wait so long though T_T Especially since you didn't get to see them for that long.....but still! YOU SAW THEM!! So jelly T_T

    1. Youngjae irl is just so pretty T_T and yeah i shouldnt really be complaining but still, the wait was crazyyy

    2. Youngjae irl is just so pretty T_T and yeah i shouldnt really be complaining but still, the wait was crazyyy

  4. i love watching concerts and i love seeing my favorite bands/singers live. I mean, I don't care if I spend all my money for a ticket because that's priceless. Other people spend much on gadgets and other material things while I like spending mine on memories and experiences :))) So happy for you! :)

    xoxo, rae

  5. So jealous! I wish I was in Korea so I can watch music shows and cheer for my faves too. lol I would probably be really annoyed because of the long waiting time but it's okay, anything for oppas. loljk
    I will wait for the part 3! Haha

    btw, I saw your post about iKON. I'm even more jelly now. ;__; lol

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