Fanaccount: Watching BAP at music shows for the first time! part 1

by - January 18, 2016

I didn't know how to write this as i can't possibly combine all of it together, it might take too long so i'm splitting it into a 3 parts!

As the title says,

watching BAP at music shows for the first time! part 1

Before leaving Seoul, BAP had a comeback and as many of you have known, i am a HUGE fan of BAP. /they're my life my oxygen

I was so glad and happy to finally attend music shows for the first time ever! In my 15 months in Seoul, never have i ever attended any music shows like Inkigayo / Music Core / Music Bank etc but BAP's comeback was the only reason i actually went. lol

Although i did have about 1 month in Seoul to see BAP, i only went to 3 music shows; Music Core, Inkigayo and The Show.

Luck hit me when i actually met a fellow BABY on twitter so i have someone to go with. I would honestly have no idea how to go if i hadn't met her. She is awesome btw. We clicked like instantly.

So, let's get on with my first day of attending a music show. Music Core was the first one i attended so the night before i had to apply online which i got really nervous and read the rules like 30 times or so. I had to find the location so i actually googled and asked around my friends who has been there.

Up until this point, everything was fine. I got there like 2 hours earlier than the allocated time so just stayed around and tried to make a few BABY friends. Most BABYs are really really cute and friendly. The recording was at 1pm-ish (mind you, i can't remember the exact time because it happened like 2 months ago lol) 

We were asked to get into lines according to our number at around 11am. The staffs would go around checking. We need to show them the latest album, lightstick and ID card. I was seated along with a few other foreign BABYs so we instantly started chit-chatting. After a while the fanstaffs came around and gave out photocards! For that day it was Himchan's photo /squeee

And a Korean BABY that i was talking to, she gave me her photocard as well seeing that i like Himchan so much. ;u; She was so nice, really. Around 12.30pm we're lead into the recording hall and got seated /thank god because im too short if we're asked to stand/ 

The moment BAP walked up the stage and greeted us, my breath hitched. I couldn't breathe. I can't believe i'm seeing BAP again in flesh after such a long time. They all look stunning especially Yongguk for this comeback. They greeted and spoke a little to us before they were asked to do a sound check. The recording went on for about 1-2 times so we're asked to cheer really loudly.

I'm just surprised i manage to remember the whole fanchant and trust me, doing fanchant with a group of fans really makes a difference. It livens up the mood and keeps the hype up. After a while, the music show staff brought in another group of fans, from FT Island's Lee Hongki as BAP was taking up some time due to them recording more than 3 times. So they were there watching with us. Himchan kept apologizing to them for keeping them waiting. ;u;

Overall, the pre-recording ended after 4-ish takes and saying our final goodbyes, we're lead out of the hall. Not all of us got into the live recording and as my number is waaayyy back at like the hundreds, so i didn't manage to get in. I decided to grab my laaaate brunch with a few other BABYs and we discussed on how to get to the next music show which is at 5am, yes, A.M the next day.

It felt amazing. Seeing BAP and attending a music show for the first time. /inhales/

That sums it up for the first recording!



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  1. that's how Music Shows work. I had no idea. So jealous that you get to see your favourite group. TT

    Payanie // tumblr // Newly established K-beauty blog

    1. It's quite a hassle to get in, but it's worth it! Thanks dear :)


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