by - January 01, 2016

Everyone has a clear list of things they're thanking in 2015 and looking forward in 2016 but life was so hectic ever since i got back from Korea about 3 weeks ago, i barely had time to think and list them down!

Ah, am i the only one not doing a proper new year post? /cries

I was sick with a cold and food poisoning for a week and then i had to leave to KL on an emergency for a few days, and on the days when i'm in Penang, i had to prepare for my upcoming classes in college which i'm starting in 10 days.

I'll be moving to a new house pretty soon (i hope!) so there's much preparations to do. Not only that, i was pulling my hair off from cleaning my room and sorting all my unwanted stuffs ; which i'm not even 20% done yet.

/freaks out/

I'm logging off for now. There's just too much to do! I'll be back once i get all these sorted out, i promise!

Happy 2016 my dear readers! May this year be the year for us!

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