The King is Back // B.A.P 151115 Showcase

by - November 16, 2015

Finally, after 1 year 9 months. BAP is back! As you may know, i'm a HUGE fan of BAP.
I've been a fan since Jan 2012, when they debuted with Warrior.
And they're also the reason why i'm here in Seoul right now.
I'm just really happy being able to see their comeback before leaving Korea.
After 1 year 9 month, we are able to finally see BAP again. 
Honestly, i didnt know how to feel.

Anyways, i went to BAP's 151115 Showcase yesterday, although i did not manage to get any tix but being able to stay outside and watch through the large screen, crying and singing along with other fans was great!

Unfortunately i'm down with a flu today thanks for being outside all day yesterday.

So, let's see. The day started really early, i woke up at 4.30AM on a Sunday! /can you believe that?

I got to DDP at 7AM and the line was already really long ;;;
I met up with a friend and just waited until 9.30AM before the line for the merchandise started moving~ Before we got there, we're given a checklist of items we want to get so we can pay at the cashier before taking the receipt to claim the good at another counter. TS is being systematic finally.

Guess what i got? 6 signed limited edition photocards! They're around A4 size /kisses it/ worth all the penny.

Anyways there wasn't much to do because we weren't ticket holders. But the Matokis appeared! Sadly it wasn't BAP in the costumes because they're busy preparing for the showcase instead.

But then there was some outdoor activity for fans to win extra tickets and even their previous stage outfits from 1004 and Stop It! lucky fans /sob
Oh did i mention, the Matokis came out to dance on stage! It was utterly adorable! They were dancing to Crash!

Since i couldn't get in, i had to watch the show from the LED screen outside but it was cool because the fans were all cheering and singing along as if we're in the venue itself!

I love how they build up our anticipation with the sound effects and crazy lighting. The moment BAP appeared and performed Warrior i was tearing up, it brings back so much memories. Not to mention the fanchants were amazing! I was holding in my tears but some slipped down my cheeks so i was wiping them and a girl next to me was looking at me like i was crazy. ;;

It was amazing, i was just teary eyed at every performance and even during their talk time however i broke down crying really hard when they're performing With You. I wasn't even looking at the screen anymore. I was just shaking and trying to hold in my sobs but my tears were just rolling down. I didn't know why but seeing BAP performing on stage with smiles on their faces made me tear up. Being able to finally understand the song, I felt so much emotions. Happiness, relief and also the pain of not being able to see them all the time. It was just all tears. 

I know you might think i'm crazy to be crying over a boy group. But the wait of 1 year and 9 months was too difficult and tough, we didn't know if BAP will ever come back but seeing them now, it's real. they're back. The king is back.

So please give BAP lots of love. If you're not a fan (yet) , at least watch this music video once, you might end up falling for them.

On the side note, the physical album release is tomorrow~! So exciting!

Peace out!

1년 9달 그동안 우리 BAP는 많이 고생했죠. 팬들도.. 이제 우리 손을 잡고 함께 걸어가자. BAP의 곁에 있을게. 영원히 응원할게.♡

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  1. omg this is sooooooo cool =D <3

  2. You are such a lucky person! I've been a fan since the beginning and it broke my literally my heart after their sudden lawsuit! I was crying for days and I couldn't stop being sad! Finally the kings are back and their new song is amazing! They deserve the spotlight, because everyone of them is such a hard worker!!
    I envy you a lot~ I wish I could have been there as well! T_T
    Btw who's your bias?

    1. Actually my reason of going to Korea was /kinda/ because of them lol. My bias is himchan! What about you?? *u*

      Love, Mellie


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