Happy Halloween~!

by - November 01, 2015

For all these years i have never really celebrated Halloween, because really, no one does in my place.

So Halloween is just another night for us, nothing special, just mehh~

But since im in Seoul this year, as much as they do not really celebrate it but Halloween parties are everywhere! People actually dress up and walk around the streets and kids would go trick-or-treating!

This year i've decided to take part in it too. It was pretty exciting as i've never dressed up like that for quite a while. As some of you might know, i used to be a cosplayer so it's actually pretty exciting to think that i'm able to dress up again but unfortunately, my cosplay items are back at my home in Malaysia. boohoo

So i have 2 days to decide what i'm going to go as~ and obviously i chose the cheapest and easiest; Cat! as in with nekomimi. I have a pair of fluffy cat ears so all i need are some clothes to go with it. I would have opted something more matching with the cat persona but it was freezing cold outside, like 5°C. Dear Seoul weather, are you kidding me? it's not even winter yet /sobs

Anyways here are some shots of me in my costume! I bought a really cute pair of knee socks and a bow-tie to go with the look.

Of course some people actually went all out for their costumes however just the thought of the cold weather makes you feel less enthusiastic about walking around the streets in costumes that can't keep you warm ;;;

Not forgetting, there are soooooo many Jokers and Harley Quinns and of course a few cosplayers (props to you guys even though it's cold af outside)


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