Travel Photo Diary: Ewha Womens University

by - November 13, 2015

Hey lovelies!

Hw are you guys doing? The weather in Seoul has been super cray cray. It was so cold last week but this week it shot up to 15ºC so my wardrobe has been changing non-stop!

Anyways on today's post i will be showing you a place where i pass by everyday (to get to the subway station)

Ehwa Womens University is a rather popular spot for tourists to take photos so my friends and i decided to do some weird OOTD shoots over there. but it didn't really turn out to be any OOTD just random photo taking rofl and besides my outfit was just so blah on that day ;;

Because it's still Autumn the leaves are breathtakingly beautiful at this time. Most of the photos doesn't need any editing because the lighting is awesome-posum!!

Definitely going for more of this kind of shoots! It's amazingly fun and also we get to explore new places~

And i realize i've been half-assing most of my blog posts i'm sorry ;u; It's just that these days there's nothing interesting is happening these days. But fear not i'll think of something lol

Thanks for all your love!

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