IKON Pop-up Store at Lotte Young Plaza

by - October 16, 2015

Heyya loves.

A few days ago i visited IKON's Pop-up store at Lotte Young Plaza near Myeongdong! I've read news articles about it and i was really excited to go!

But when it got there it was rather disappointing. I thought it would be bigger with more merchandise. I guess i went a little too later so most of the merchandises were sold out but still-

The place was really small and the merchandises were wayyy overpriced /as expected anyways/

I didn't get the album as i was thinking i should just get their full album instead of a half-album. There are sticker packs, fan, button badge, notebook, album, bag, etc

I wanted to get a Bobby button badge but his was sold out /sobs/ there's like tons of Chanwoo's left ;;

Other than that, i wanted to snap more photos but one of the worker was staring at me so i could just sneak a few ;;;

Anyways, i'm loving their songs so much especially Airplane. Poor baby Hanbin ;u; I wish they'd give Donghyuk more lines, seriously whyyy not?

Please give it a listen if you have not! Even if you're not a fan, it's a really good song!

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  1. I have had managed to get this sing out of my head .. my cousin loves this group she was replying this song over and over , its good thanks for sharing...x


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