Travel Photo Diary: Garosugil + bumping into Monsta X

by - October 04, 2015

Despite living in Seoul for a year, i have never been to Garosugil even once. So yesterday i invited a friend and we went together!

I heard it's a shopping street - kinda high end for my taste. They have shops like Hollister, Ralph Lauren, Massimo Dutti, MCM, Joyrich, Stylenanda, etc.

Garosugil is located around Sinsa-dong thus selling more high end products. The area is magnificent, it felt like i was shopping in New York? Probably because of the chic looking buildings. I love how they embrace creative art so openly in Seoul. 

There are also a number of boutique by local fashion designers. Definitely worth a browse as each of them carries a unique flavor to their creative works.

Aside from that, they have a wide range of cafes, ateliers, bars, etc. They all carry a unique presence. Garosugil might not be a place where i can afford to do my shopping but definitely a place i love to hang out around and chill at a cafe. 

Of course, my friend and i started out around noon, and guess what, spotted these babies in Sinchon's subway station! To congratulate iKon on their debut!

It takes about 35 minutes to get to Sinsa station and from there a mere 10 minute walk to Garosugil!

We're both really awed at the buildings, somehow it feels like we're in New York. hah..

Of course, we can't explore a place with an empty stomach, so off to lunch! We had a really delicious plate of 보쌈

I have no words to describe Gentle Monster. It's just amazing. I love the how they did the creative interior designs and the sunglasses are to die for but they price are the ones that were holding me back from splurging on them. 

If you're around Garosugil, i recommend visiting Gentle Monster. It's definitely a new breath of fresh air. Creative work + fashion.

And of course, you can't go to Garosugil and not try the Thunder Bomb!

It's a cotton candy soft serve! The milky flavor and texture of the ice cream is so intense and it's also filled with pop rocks so it leave s a fizzy reaction in your mouth as you devour it. The cotton candy tastes a little minty. It was a very nice blend! Must-try!

After a nice cup of dessert we continued looking around until like 7pm before we decide to head home. 

As we're walking towards the subway station, we noticed a small group of girls so my friend and i were like 'oh, what's going on? giving free cosmetic samples?'
so we walked towards the group of girls and a guy walked past me mentioning something like 'Jooheon' 

That time i was already freaking out because i'm sure it's not cosmetic sample but an idol! Therefore i got my phone camera ready and in a flash, i saw MONSTA X Kihyun, Wonho and Shownu running towards my direction!

I was too shocked to even react all i did was going /ohmygod ohmygod/

I never expected to bump into idols on the streets moreless MONSTA X?!?!?!?

What is this fate?!

Kihyun reached a black car behind us and was asking the driver to open the door. Then i realised Wonho was holding a phone on a selfie stick and the screen was V App. So they're filming V App in Garosugil?!

And i didn't know but i was smack right behind Monsta X like just 1 feet away but i couldn't say anything or do anything aside from holding my phone with shaky hands. Some girl beside me tried to touch Shownu and i was like 'gurllll hands off' lol

Wonho was pretty cheeky as he got into the front seat, the rolled down the mirror and turned the phone that was recording towards us and we're like /hide!/ But Wonho was pretty cool. I kinda like said bye and he waved at us before the car drove off.

Nothing serious happened like the fans/crowd was just following them quietly, they didn't push or scream. Questions like 'how was your day?' / 'have fun' / 'rest well at home' were thrown at them obviously but that was all.

Well, best 1 minute of my life i guess?

Accidentally bump into bias on the street 

Wow it still seems like a dream to accidentally bump into idols; MY BIAS and be that close to Monsta X /sighs/

However, Garosugil is the place where idols/celebrities would visit often so you can catch some of them there!


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  1. OMG GURL WHEN I SAW KIHYUN RUNNING TOWARDS THE CAMERA :O You're so lucky!! Hope to be you one day :P

    1. i was really shocked honestly. and naww, i hope you get to see your idols too!

  2. The cotton candy soft serve is so cool looking~! It's super cute <33

  3. OMG WHAT A LUCKY GIRL O.O HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO BLESSED XD I would have reacted the same xD Do they even look prettier in real life?

    1. haha not really. they look the same but boy, they're TALLLL. i think Kihyun is really trying to get away from the public. ;;;

  4. AWWWW girl i'm so jealous haha
    korea looks so nice

    1. seoul is pretty interesting :) have you been here?


  5. great post
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC / facebook?
    let me know and I follow back!


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