Life lessons from Naruto

by - September 21, 2015

/wipes snot and dries tears with a tissue/

Okay i'm ready to write this.

I've just finished watching The Last: Naruto the movie and yes i was bawling my eyes out at the ending (it was so sweet) . I've been waiting to get the DVD or to watch the japanese audio with english subs but until now it has all been only korean dub =.= I could understand but it's weird listening to korean dub tbh.

Anyways, i have been reading/watching Naruto since 2003 which makes it a crazy 8 years! and i have to say this will be my number 1 anime/manga forever. Yes, there will be people who say it's mainstream but i can relate a lot to the whole series. But i'm currently reading the Naruto Gaiden series which is still on going.

I love this series so much that i /unfriended/ someone on facebook for talking bad about naruto (hahaha childish i know but i was really mad at that person lol) All of Naruto movies makes me cry like legit tears rolling down my cheeks and i remember waiting for the lat chapter of the manga and crying while stuffing myself with ice cream and my roommate asked me if i'm okay. (embarassing moment)

I just feel so much while watching the series. The anime is still on going but i'm not going to watch it until the last episode because yes, i'm masochist that enjoys abusing my emotions. 

People can tell me how childish i am for loving this anime/manga so much but i would have to tell them that i was able to learn so much from this. They might not be something i am able to use but it does help me to open my eyes and look around me. Be a better person.

1. Never giving up
Yes those typical shounen protagonist in every manga has this quality in them, i doubt i'll need to say more. Watching Naruto growing up without parents nor friends doesn't make him back off and quit life, but it made him stronger. Years back, when i am faced with something difficult, i give up. But honestly, it's childish to say this but Naruto made me realize that giving up is the most cowardly choice to make. Battle head on with the problem even if you fail, you'll not regret and also you're able to learn from it. Nothing comes easy.

2. Never lose sight of your dreams
Again, Naruto has once taught us to never lose sight of your dream. If we have a dream, push forward to achieve it. Your dream may be far fetched, people might laugh at your dreams but all you have to do is believe in yourself, push forward and prove them wrong! Just like what Naruto did.

3. Never judge someone by their reputation
If you're a fan of the Naruto series, i'm sure you're familiar with Iruka-sensei. He was the first to believe in Naruto despite everyone fearing and isolating him and later found out that naruto is basically harmless and just in need of a little love.

4. You can change your destiny / fate
Neji believed that you're tied down to your destiny as soon as you're born but Naruto proved him wrong. As quoted from Gaara, "If you don't like the hand that fate's dealt you, fight for a new one." The ups and downs in life has nothing to do with your fate, you're the one that plays your life. You can decide the outcomes. (of course luck plays the game too ;) )

5. Importance of teamwork 
Truth to be told, everyone is selfish. They want the best for themselves. Of course me too, i used to be selfish. I only think about myself. I kept so much to myself. But then it made me realize how much i'm losing out for not accepting or giving out help to others. You'll be able to gain more by giving more.

6. The power of friendship
Nothing much to be said, i'm sure everyone has realized that true friends stay by your side forever. Albeit quarrels or fights, a true friend will never forget you, even if there's no communication. I think we can all see this between Naruto and Sasuke. They might not be the best of friends but even silently, they're extending help to one another. And the friends that Naruto made in his life, stays by him and believes in him through thick and thin. 

7. There must be sacrifices to protect what's important
This is evidently one of the repetitive morale in the whole series. From Itachi to Asuma. Sometimes you'd have to sacrifice some thing to protect what's more important. Asuma left a legacy to protect the new generations because to him, protecting the future generation is more important than his own life. Both Itachi and Asuma sacrified themselves to protect what they believe is the most important.

8. Hard work beats talent
Have you ever see someone successful and say "If i had the talent i would be able to be like them."? I'm sure everyone has. Me too. But Rock Lee has taught us that even without talent you can surpass and achieve whatever you wish with pure 100% hard work. Nothing can beat hard work. You do not have to be gifted with a special talent to excel in something. With talent and no hard work you'd be nothing as well.

9. You can grow stronger when in pain
As quoted from Pain, "Even a foolish child can grow up in a right way, when he learns what pain is. Knowing pain controls ones thoughts and decisions." Why i agree with this is simple, you learn and grow when you're faced with something impossible to control. That's when you learn to make important decisions. Most successful people knows what it felt to be in pain, in the lowest times of their life. 

10. Parents' love has no end
Whenever i think about Minato and Kushina i just bawl my eyes out. Even after their deaths they stayed on to protect Naruto. Parents are the same. In whatever hardship, your parents will be there to protect and love you. Even when it's time for them to leave, they'll never leave you with nothing. They'll love you to the end of the world. Fights might occur but at the end of the day, your parents are the one that hurts the most. Cherish them when they're around.

/dabs my tear with tissue/ There you go! 
10 life lessons from Naruto! 

This series has taught me so much more. It helped realize things that i never knew and gave a look of how the world truly is. How to become a better person and live my life without regrets. 

Honestly there are so much more but i wouldn't want to keep this too long. 
If you're up for a part 2, leave a comment!

PS: i'm back in Seoul! My 2 weeks in Malaysia was short and crazy busy. ;;;

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  1. Replies
    1. yes me too~ i have rewatched so many of them TT

  2. YEYYY!!!!! I loved this post and I agree Naruto taught me so much and will always hold a special place in my heart ...x

  3. Omg I can totally relate! I actually loved how Naruto teaches us all these life lessons, not to mention the every so often stupid moments that only Naruto can bring hahaha :P

    Kelly ♡

    1. i agree with that! it's rather interesting when they manage to slip in a little bit of comedy in between a serious fight lol

  4. I love Naruto!!! I kinda don't want to finish it..but I restarted watching it... I'm currently on season 3 again, lol. Anyways, cool post! <3


    1. yes me too! i felt so empty after finishing the whole series/manga T_T

  5. I haven't seen Naruto yet, but this post makes me want to watch it~! <33

    1. You should watch it! there is a reason why it's one of the top mangas

  6. Omg this post gave me chills - I remember the old crazy Naruto feels!!!!! I would legit sob and cry and squeal LOL. It was definitely such a good series! ;__;
    Junniku blog! (Korean beauty blog)

    1. Definitely. it's such a roller coaster ride ;u;

  7. Oh my gosh I love this ;A; I actually have yet to watch an episode of Naruto but I'm even more tempted to after reading this <3 Thank you for sharing!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  8. And who said you can't learn things from anime/manga!! Tehehe otaku for life!


    1. yes i agree very much! i think anime/manga teaches us many things which we aren't able to learn from school

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