Busy busy busy + Hair update

by - September 09, 2015

Busy busy busy

Ah, why am i so busy these days? I really want to be able to relax at home and do nothing. Just roll on my bed.

Hey loves~

Sorry for the lack of update. I'm currently back in Malaysia for my short vacation and i'll be moving back to Seoul on the 19th. Crazy, right? My plan is to stay here until the 27th but shit happens and now i have to go back early.

Anyways, now that i'm back in home sweet home, i thought i was able to get some time to rest and breathe from my hectic days in Seoul but NO. The moment i got back, i have appointments with my friends, the doctor, bank and even applying for my university. It was really crazy to think that a week has passed by without me getting to rest at home.

The moment i get home, i felt more stressed with my life somehow. Without giving me a breather i was bombarded with questions like

" Do you have any boyfriend? " no. stop. don't.

" Why did you gain so much weight?! " i don't think i did but well, everyone's been saying it so yeah maybe i did

" You need to go on a diet. Maybe that's why you don't have a boyfriend. " ...

"What are your future plans? " i honestly don't know

" Why are you wasting time studying in Korea? Go get a job you're 21. " /shrugs

Sometimes being home i just feel like i'm about to explode from the expectations i'm supposed to achieve. Blahhh let's not get to the angsty side of the story.

But hey, at least it feels great to be home with my family. I update a little more frequently on my instagram so do check them out here.

On a side note, i've been busy preparing for something really special and i think you (my readers) would love it as well!


I got myself a hair cut yesterday! My hair has been bothering me so much for months. It hasn't grown much since the last time i cut it which is like 8 months ago? And the ends are all damaged. So i kinda just 'fuck it' and chop it all off.

I think i look a little younger kkk

What do you think?

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  1. I love your new haircut! Short hair really suits you. =))

  2. I love your hair!! :)
    and dont worry about all the questions, family and friends like to nitpick at everything when you're gone for so long. they just really miss you a lot and miss complaining to you :'D haha
    but seriously 21 years old.. most if not all 21 year olds are still studying!

  3. I love your new hair <3
    And it's important not to let what others say affect you! It's your life and you make the decisions ^^
    ~Kiyomi <3


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