Gyeongju Trip

by - August 03, 2015

Hey loves! 

I just got back from Gyeongju recently. 
There is so much to talk about! 

Gyeongju is such a wonderful place with friendly people. They keep the traditional culture alive. You can still see old houses and visit many cultural places.

It's a wonderful must-go place if you're in South Korea!

I've taken many photos as well but that will be coming up in my next blog post!

So here's a short travelogue on my trip to Gyeongju. I wish i can stay longer as i was only there for 2 days and 1 night. There are so many amazing places to visit which unfortunately i couldn't because of time restriction .

My friend bought the bus ticket online so we just have to collect it at the bus terminal on the day. Mind you the bus terminal is like 40 minutes away from our place ;u;

The whole journey to Gyeongju takes about 4 hours so we arrived about 2.00PM and took a bus to our Guesthouse. Our guesthouse is A M A Z I N G. Clean and the host is really friendly plus her son is waayyy adorable. It just opened like 2 weeks ago so we had a really comfortable room. The host treats us like family, we'd sit around and talk and she even serves us fruits!

On to that, we asked her if there is any food she's recommend us and she told us to take a bus down the corner for some Spicy Webfoot Octopus (주꾸미) The meal was amazing and spicy. Oh on the side note, the weather was killing me. It was about 38degree; pretty much a roasted marshmallow.

My friends and i managed to visit a few places during the day. We took bus and relied on Daum Map to navigate around. Thank god for that. 

The nights were realllly warm as well. We're so exhausted to even eat dinner so we bought cup ramen and decided to head home at midnight to shower and finally sit under the cooling air-cond to have our 'dinner cum supper' 

The host's son; which is approx. 8 years old is super adorable! He was helping us around to cook ramen and took out kimchi for us. He's so shy to talk to us because we're foreigners but he was staring at us the whole time. awww;;

Anyways the next day started late. It was shining bright outside at 42degree! Crazy isn't it?! We had our breakfast in the guesthouse consist of simple egg and toasts with a variety of spreads before leaving with our bags to cover a few more places and head to the bus terminal to get back to Seoul.

It was a nice short getaway and it's not even expensive! I've only spent approx. $170 during the whole 2 days 1 night trip (including transport fare and food)

I would love to visit the place again if i have the time, but definitely during a much cooler season.

Next photo post coming up real soon!


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  1. Looks like you had an amazing time!! :) So glad i ate before watching the video hahahaha
    Those small hills looked really cool though~ i want to sit on top of it lol but i'm gonna assume that's not allowed

    1. those 'small hills' are actually tombs :o


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