Happy 1st Blogaversary!

by - August 16, 2015

Hey lovelies! Yesterday, 15th August 2015 is The Mellie Diaries 1st blog anniversary!

Happy 1st Blogaversary!

Yippie yahhhhho~

This post was meant to be posted yesterday however i was out of Seoul with no wifi access /cries

So it was delayed to today, the past week was a little hectic; me trying to book a plane ticket to go back to Malaysia for my term break, solving some weird problems and catching up with school assignments/presentation.

However during that time too, i have something really really interesting to announce really soon, i'm currently setting up and getting some things done before i can officially announce it. Rest assured it is something really really exciting!

Wow, who would have thought i have been blogging for a year! I think it's quite an accomplishment.

In celebration of my 1st blogaversary, i would like to thank everyone who read this blog, especially those who comment and follow me on this blog. /tosses love/

I know i'm still lacking in many things and my blog is not the most interesting but thank you for taking your time to read and comment on the posts. You guys are the reason why i still continue to blog, if it weren't for you guys, i would have already given up and left it to rot.

Now, let's talk about some basics of the blog,

Why did i start to blog?

I decided to open a blog to jot and record down my student life in Seoul but as i got here, i began to do small beauty reviews or tutorials and i received some really good feedback and i decided to still continue with it! This blog is a space for me to get away from loneliness and problems in reality for a short time therefore it is a very precious thing to me.

How did i come up with the name of the blog?

Basically i did not really think much. When i first decided to blog, the goal is that the blog acts like a diary for me. So pooof- the name TheMellieDiaries was created. Not that fancy ey?

What camera do i use to capture photos?

After my intern, i bought my very first camera; Samsung Galaxy Camera with my own salary so it's one of my most precious items. ;u;

Who designs the blog?

Yours truly, me. I love playing and fooling around with photoshop.

More details on the blogmistress?

You'll have to wait for my very own F.A.Q post coming soon ;)

How does the blog change my life?

When i started blogging, i became more active. I actively participated in events or go out and explore to search for contents for my blog. I'm a homebody and going out is difficult for me sometimes but thanks to the blog, i actually found motivation to go out and make new memories and experiences.

Oh and if you did not realize, have changed my blog banner as well for the blog's 1st blogaversary!

And i created two blog buttons so do grab it!

The Mellie Diaries

The Mellie Diaries


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  1. Happy anniversary to your awesome blog:) Keep blogging and spreading love<3

  2. Happy anniversary! Here's to many more years of blogging!

  3. Happy blogaversery! :) Mines coming in a few months too~ i can't believe its been a year!
    I can't wait for the announcement :D I'm trying to think of what it is but all i can think about is a Youtube channel...which you've already done so it can't be that haha!
    Also have fun on your term break! must be exciting being reunited with family and friends back home

    1. It's be something rather unexpected so i hope you look forward to it! And yes, i'm so so excited to be back home!

      Love, Mellie

  4. Happy Blogversary ..I look forward to many more years ..x


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