Review: Circle Lens: SCL 23-C Brown Lens

by - April 13, 2015

I received 3 pairs of lovely circle lenses from my lovely sponsor Klenspop again. /wheee

And today i will make a review on one of it!

It is the SCL model. 23-C Brown!

SCL 23-C Brown Lens 

Info Brand: MAXLOOK Diameter: 14.3mm. Graphic Diameter: 13.5mm. Water Content: 38% Base Curve: 8.8mmLife Span: 1 year disposalCountry of origin: South Korea | Certification: ISO CE KGMPPower: 0.00 ~ -5.00 (0.25 step) -5.50 ~ -10.00(0.50 step)Price: $33.00Includes: 1 pair of lens + bonus case + mini tweezers

Before i go on with the review; i would like to say this pair of circle lens is sponsored however the review is in my own honest opinion.

As usual it comes is a very pretty box with illustration instructions on how to wear your circle lenses as like in my Bunny Brown Lens Review post. But i will skip that out for this post.

I love how they are so delicate with the packaging. /tears

This SCL 23-C Brown Lens is a Silicone Hydrogel lens.

It is extremely soft and flexible to allow more oxygen to pass through compared to normal soft lenses. It absorbs water really well to keep it soft and moist when hydrated.

This is the case and mini tweezers that came with the lens. You can have a good side look of the lens.
Room lighting


Difference in diameter: Left: without / Right: with

Both lenses

I have to rave about this pair of lenses. This is my absolute favorite pair of lens right now.
I have no words to describe how much i love it. 

Color: 4/5 - It has a really natural brown color. The color is not obvious unless someone is to pry your eyes open and stare at it. But this is the reason why i love it. Koreans are always about 'natural' Therefore their makeup style as well.

Design: 3/5 - I love the color but i was hoping the design could be a little more unique so it'll make your eyes more expressive. However this design works well for those who are looking for a more subtle ordinary look.

Comfort: 1000/5 - I would totally give 1000 out of 5 for the comfort because i have NEVER wore such comfortable lenses before. It doesn't feel like you're wearing any lenses. It is really soft and moist yet it stays put really well.

Enlargement: 4.5/5 - It does not make you look like alien babies which i am very happy about. It has the right amount of enlargement to look natural yet cute and delightful.

The final verdict: A+++ These pair of lenses are really worth the buy if you can get one. I totally recommend you to do it asap. 

The first time i wore this lens, there is a time when I started to rub my eyes; it's a habit when i get frustrated. But because it was so soft, i forgot i had them on! However luckily i quickly remembered and stopped.

Also there were instances where i told my friends i have to take my lenses out before i go drinking /because god knows what will happen after i get drunk so better be safe and take care of the circle lenses!/ And my friends stared at me and asked me if i were even wearing any. 

It looks so natural on me that no one realizes i was wearing circle lenses and i get complimented for having really pretty eyes. /keke

Now, let's look at vain pictures of me in it.

Thanks Klenspop again for the sponsor. I love this pair so so much I have been wearing it almost everyday to class!

I will be trying on the other 2 really soon so stay tuned!

Bis dann

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  1. Such cute subtle lens..!
    Thank you for the review!! :3

    1. Thank you for dropping by ^^


  2. Those look very nice and natural!


    1. yes it is!


  3. They blend really well :D
    So pretty♥

    1. yes these pair of lens is perfect ;A;


  4. Oooo I like how natural these look!
    I so want to try silicone hydrogel lenses!!!! I want to experience the comfort haha!
    *sends brain wave signals to klenspop to sponsor me a pair too* hahaha

    1. i hope they do!! the comfort is no joke ;A; i love it so so much!



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