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by - October 23, 2014

Hey hey! So yeah, once again i'm updating another fanaccount of Mix & Match's Final Match! /yey

This time since i have the tickets with me, i did not bother going early to queue up so i went after class. It was all the way in Korea University and it took me 2 hours to get there by subway ;_; The Final Match is held in Korea University's Hwajung Gymnasium/Hall.

{text heavy post because no photos were allowed during the recording}

It was far and i had to walk a lot. ;; But the good thing is, it didn't rain~! It was predicted to rain but thankfully it didn't. I met up with my friend in the subway station and walked to the hall. By the time we got there, there are so many fans already but worry not! We have the tickets~

So the first thing is that we have to get our wristband and number! And the voting envelope again. We got there about 3.00pm so i was placed at no.490. No biggie because there's probably only about 520 people standing in the pit so yey~

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B

Time passed quickly as we walked around and sat about waiting. I did not see any fansites giving out slogans but they seem to only be giving out Hanbin's because it's his birthday. So i went to get one and they're pretty lenient this time (if you read about it in my previous post) as i was speaking in English and they only asked me if i'm a fan and asked me to show them one photo of Hanbin in my phone. and tadaaa~ banner achieved.

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B hanbin bi

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B chanwoo
there's only Chanwoo banner from a fansite XD

As we were sitting, i saw many familiar faces from the previous Seoul Fanmeeting. And suddenly we heard music being played from inside. It was Epik High's Spoiler and Winner's Empty;  they started playing Taeyang' Eyes Nose Lip then i realized the person's voice isn't Taeyang but Junhwe's! I got so excited and started wondering if they'll cover the song later?

I quickly recorded it~ It was amazing. The fans started pressing their faces against the door to see if they can spot anything but got chased away by the security.

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B

Anyways the wait to get in was cold and..really cold. We were briefed on a few rules like no photography,etc..  I was shivering so hard until we were let in at about 7.20pm. Surprisingly, the standing pit wasn't packed at all! We have enough space to run about and being one of the smart fan, me and my friend opted to stand at the back so we can have a full view of the stage and not be pushed around by fans; plus, we can leave some empty space in front of us so we can move forward anytime. Note: seriously, just stand at the back.

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B

The staffs are walking around among us even during the start of the final match.

I saw about 5 people or more being dragged out for taking photos. And one of the staff actually checked everyone's cardigan/jacket to see if you're hiding any recording device.

The MC was entertaining the fans and also throwing out packets of cookies and blankets. All the members' family was there as well! So the MC took time to show us who is who /rofl

Bobby's aunt looks really friendly. She kept waving to the fans ;;

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B
where the family were seated

They played Mix & Match's theme song whenever the judges walked in. 2NE1's Minzy, CL and Dara were there along with Lee Hi, Akdong Musician, Epik High, G-Dragon and Taeyang and not forgetting papa YG himself.

Soohyun was being cute so she waved to the fans and the fans pretty much screamed and she was so shocked by the reaction we're giving. Chanhyuk was rather playful too, he stood up with his arms open wide and was acting like some champion while the fans went crazy. Minzy kept waving too. Lee Hi was rather shy it seems, Dara didn't give much attention even while the fans were chanting her name, she just waved her hand meekly. lol 

The final match finally started around 8.40pm with the boys appearing on stage and greeting us. Yoo In Na and Daesung were the official MCs for tonight! Then they left and the stage was set up for Yunhyeong, Jinhyeong and Chanwoo.

For their vocal performance, the 3 performed Let's Twist Again by Chubby Checker. An old English song~ They have drums and guitar as stage props. The stage was beautiful! Unfortunately, Yunhyeong looks really nervous and stiff during the stage. I was even shocked that i actually felt that he was too serious throughout the song when they other two seemed more relaxed(?)

The next performance was by Junhwe, Hongseok and Donghyuk. They performed Taeyang's Eyes.
Nose.Lips . Once again the stage set up was breath-taking. They had staircases and piano. Donghyuk was playing the piano. I loved this stage so much.

After their performances, the judges would give their opinions on it and as they set up for the next stage, we're shown unreleased footages of Mix & Match; which would be shown in later episodes.

Bobby and B.I appeared and we're all wondering where Jinhwan is until the screens showed Winner x iKon Special Stage and Winner's Empty started playing where B.I started rapping then the back screen slid open to reveal Winner's Taehyun, Jinwoo, and Seungyoon. None of us were expecting that. It was so exciting to see them perform together and the fanchant was no joke!

After Empty, they continued with Team A's version of Just Another Boy where the back screen opened again to reveal Jinhwan, Mino and Seunghoon. The stage was so hyped up having Winner, B.I and Bobby. At one part Bobby hugged Taehyun from the back but Taehyun pretty much sassed him away rofl.

Then they moved up really close to the edge and having so much space, i rushed to the front and squeezed in with them. It was so close i'm practically looking at them from the bottom. /squeal/ Seunghoon, Taehyun and Jinwoo looks so handsome in real and Mino's charisma on stage is really no joke. They're still playful as ever but it was a really good performance.

Then we have to watch more footages as they prepared for the next stage~ It was a self composed song. Only 6 members performed this song; B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan along with Yunhyeong, Chanwoo and Jinhyeong. The song was Long Time No See (edit). It was amazing. Sort of like ballad + rap. The boys were donned in suits. They look really handsome /blush/

The next performance was also by B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan but this time with Junhwe, Donghyuk and Hongseok. The song they performed was 시노시작 . I need a studio version of this song. We did a fanchant along with this as well!  It was real the best.

Epik High's Spoiler performance was up next while the boys took a short rest and got ready for their dance performance. We were shown footages of their family giving cheering messages to the boys and wow, Yunhyeong looks exactly like his mother, Hanbin as well. Chanwoo looked like his brother(?)!

The last performance was their dance performance. I was left so breathless after watching it. I have never come across idols who could dance so well. Donghyuk was grabbing his ankle after he did the final flip. Everyone got worried for a moment but he stood up and put on a smile for us. This precious boy~

At the end, all of them stood on stage as the judges gave comments again. Before saying goodbye to the boys, they walked up nearer to the stage and once again i rushed up there. Hanbin kept bowing to the audience as the other boys just waved.

I felt that he does not only see us as fans but also respects us and is thankful for us being a fan that loves them all. I was so near to tears until Bobby said that it is B.I's birthday today and started singing to the Birthday song where we all joined in.

I had my phone off to save battery but my friend managed to record a small portion of the birthday song! It was so hard for us to say goodbye to them.

In total the whole Final Match took 2 hours. Again, fans are crazily squeezing out to do our final voting. As we're leaving i manage to spot Hanbin's mother and his little sister, Hanbyul!

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B
the voting box

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B
That's Hanbin's mother and Byul~! Byul is standing on the table.

During the whole thing, 2 fans fainted and was taken out from the standing pit! It was rather scary seeing that ;;

As my friend and I were leaving the venue, we saw fans cutting down the large banners outside! /gasp/ They ripped it out or used scissors.

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B

Mix & Match Final Match  iKon YG Team B

Are you excited to know the results of Mix & Match? I'm excited and scared at the same time.

Because it's B.I's birthday so i got this banner~!

{ i hope i don't miss anything out? Remember to watch Mix & Match on 30th Oct to see their performances! }

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  1. omg you're so lucky! I've been following your blog from before you left for seoul and so I was really surprised when I was scrolling down my blogger feed and saw that you had attended the ikon fanmeeting and now the final!

    I've only seen a few fancams but omg just another boy seems amazing and I can't wait for the actually episode to broadcast!

    I'm actually really curious to who you voted for! I'm definitely gonna vote using the Line app!

    Steph | datewithsteph.

    1. You have to watch the episode when it's out. It was really amazing~!

      Do vote for them using Facebook too ^^

  2. This is so amazing, that you could see them live and just be so close to them!!! *_* I love Hanbin <3 you were so so lucky, to see him at the day of his birthday ;) Don´t you know, please, where can get (through internet) that banner? :)

    1. Hello! That banner was given out because it was Hanbin's birthday. I doubt you can get it online however you can always try looking at Hanbin's fansites if they do give out/sell any of it ^^

  3. That's awesome! I've been wanting to attend important events like this (cos im sure theyll be a big hit) but I live too fa-a--arrr. Anyway, that 'stand at the back' idea just like what you said, really helped when I watched got7 last time. Thanks. lol.

    Im guessing you voted for Junhoe x)

    1. thanks for commenting! ^^ and yes i did vote for junhoe :)


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