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by - October 19, 2014


I'm finally jotting down this fan-account. I was so tired and exhausted since i came back from the fanmeeting ;;

The whole fanmeeting is just like a dream. To be able to finally see Team B + the new trainees. /sobs softly/ I'm just so overwhelmed with feels.

I don't know where to start oh god.

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

Okay so the day before started when i told my friend to kakaotalk/text me if something comes up. So i slept till 7.45am and i turned on my phone to see so many messages on my Kakaotalk. My friend told me the people started giving out numbers since 7.30am and i'm just 'oh shit'

I did not even bother to shower, i just washed up quickly and toss some essentials into my bag and ran to the subway station in Edae which is like 15mins walk uphill.

goodness i was wheezing.

I was planning to get a number then leave for class however when i got there around 8.30am, my number was 386 but my friend said we couldn't leave yet because there will be a name call and so i had no choice but stayed and ended up skipping class. /sigh 

Never again will i ever skip class. So anyways my friend and i stayed; we don't even dare to leave our spot for long when i went to get breakfast from the mini mart. In the end they did not even do any name call so it was a boring wait; we just sat and talked while fansites are giving our banners but you have to prove to them you are a real fan which each fansite have different requirements. For example, a fansite would ask you to login their fanpage or to show 100 pictures of that particular member.

No. I am a fan but i do not have that many photos of them saved in my phone. Usually it's just in my laptop or Tumblr. So no banner for me /sobs. At 2.00pm the fanstaff asked us to get back into our number line in groups of 6 people a line. They just started putting up the bars and dividers like why not you do it the day before?

Once again, we waited and waited until 3.45pm when the Mix & Match staffs came to record us cheering and stuff /lol/ It was awkward when they filmed my place. I just stood aside and let them film the others with banners because i didn't have one.

At last, around 4.00pm we were slowly moved down to get our iKon 'pack' which has a large iKon sign, voting envelope and a pen. I got into my place and opened up the voting envelope to check the vote paper, i found 2 pieces of Final Match tickets!

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

 I didn't know what they are until an aunty fan around 40-ish looked at me and gasps, saying "You are so lucky! You have the Final Match ticket!" and then the fans around me all turned to me and saw them in my hands and they're just "Oh my goodness. I'm so jealous." The fans are so nice though i thought i would be attacked or something lol but some spoke English to me and they seemed so happy i'm there to vote for the boys ;;

I was practically shaking so much i almost teared up because previously when i tried to apply for ticket through Gmarket, it says foreigners who do not have enough credit isn't allowed to apply for it. But now i found 2 Standing tickets. /screams internally

So once again we waited until 8.00pm for the show to start and during the wait, the MC entertained us by showing us videos of Mix&Match. Then i saw a group of policemen came and was assigned to stand in front of us!

they were standing behind but them moved to our place! ugh

They're so tall and i was so angry, they're blocking all our view! But i managed to squeeze in somewhere and got to see the stage quite clearly as long as people don't move ;;; There were some fans cussing at the police and security. But yeah, we're all really angry that they're blocking our views! Why do you need the police to stand in front of us when we have steel bars to stop us from moving any closer to the stage?

 And there is this one policemen in front of us who refused to squat down/move back a little when the other beside him did so. Even if he just lower is head a little everyone behind can have a good look at the stage and at that point i was boiling in anger i screamed at him in English like "CAN YOU PLEASE!?!?!" But then there were so many fans screaming that they can't see too so yeah :/ We have to bear with it.

This is my first time seeing this kind of stuff it's ridiculous!

Anyways, on with the good part, the fanmeeting finally started~! 15 minutes later than 8.00pm actually.

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg
Noticed that i changed my logo? kekeke~ i will be using it from now onwards~

Bobby, BI and Jinhwan came out first and introduced themselves as the MCs of the day. Bobby is being so energetic on stage while, Jinhwan is just being Jinhwan. B.I introduced himself with a line in his song BE I and the fans just chanted along "MIC check 1, 2 My name is B.I" I was already losing my soul seeing the boys in real life at this point. Hanbin is so good looking in real life and Bobby /don't even get me started it was sexually frustrating/

Then they started introducing the other 4 members one by one. Things are getting heated up by then. It was crazy! Junhoe looks amazing as usual like boy you still illegal can you not. Chanwoo looks really handsome in real life and at some point he looked like.. Jungkook. Jinhyung on the other hand is super adorable!

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg
managed to get a photo of all three trainees~

After having a small talk which surprisingly i can understand most of it. I was so amazed like I actually get what they're saying! They performed Just Another Boy K-fans fanchant is awesome, no doubt.

After the performance, they showed us unreleased selcas of each member. One nice selca and another derp selca. It was amazing how did they boys even do that. At one of Hanbin's selca, all the members went like "Ah, look at Hanbin, So pretty. Pretty B.I" rofl Then there comes a point when Junhoe had to do a derp face to show us. Oh that handsome face ruined. ke

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg
see that police? yeah.... booo

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

Then we're suppose to kind of 'vote' for the member with the funniest/best selca(?) So we're all screaming different names. In the end Jinhyung won and he was given a present box which we urged him to open up and he found a Whale animal pajamas in it. His face was pretty priceless when he took it up. The fans all were chanting "Put it on" but he just smiled shyly and kept it back in the box lol what a cutie.

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

After that they played the arm wrestling game! It was intense and funny that at some point Junhoe and Hongseok lost but they were looking for an excuse. The final arm wrestling match is between Yunhyeong (surprisingly) vs. Bobby.

Bobby took off his red jacket and started doing push-ups on stage /oh my goodness And he pulled up his sleeves to flex his biceps driving us all crazy. /double oh my goodness Everyone was expecting Bobby to win but he got beaten to easily by Yunhyeong!

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

Then it is Yunhyeong's turn to receive a present; he got a box as well and took it out - Animal pajamas! Yunhyeong just looked like 'oh dear.. mehh' then he rolls it up and puts it in the box again. lol this boy isn't amused.

For their last song, they performed Acoustic ver. Wait For Me. Donghyuk played the guitar! When they said it'll be their last, i was so close to tears and the song made my eyes wetter. The fans were doing the fanchant perfectly. During the 'wait for me yeah' part we're all chanting 'wait for you'

As they said their last goodbyes, some fans were crying and i'm trying to hold in all my tears. We kept waving and throwing heart at the boys who did the same too. A fan threw a kimbap plushie to Bobby and Hanbin spotted it and was like 'Ah there's kimbap!' lmfao

Suddenly one by one the boys just sat on the stage shouting they dont want to leave! ahah it was so cute but as much as we don't want them to leave nor they dont want to leave, they had too. /sobs

As they left the stage some fans started singing Climax. It was too fast. An hour passed by just like that. I want to see more of the boys. sigh.

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

- After thoughts-

Bobby. Oh, Kim Jiwon. I have no words to describe this. He is just.. perfect. Perfect in every way. There are times when i just focused on him, Looking at only at him. Ah.. my heart is all dugeun dugeun.

Jinhwan is just Jinhwan. He seems to be really laid back and let all the younger ones do the crazy stuff.

B.I looks really happy and seems to be enjoying himself - i really hope he does! He is so calm and collected too. Beside the fact that he is so so so handsome. Wow it felt like i'm looking at a sculpture of his side profile.

Junhoe. This boy needs to be behind bars. His whole existence is pretty much screaming s e x y. Especially when he sings woah.

Donghyuk is cute. His expressions are like from a comic book and his laugh is just precious!

Yunhyeong is quite too but he played most of the games. He seems really close with Jinhyung like they kept bumping shoulders and such.

Jinhyung - this boy reminds me of Jongup. He just smiles a EVERYTHING! Like he is just.. 4D which made him really really adorable! /keeps him in my pocket/

Chanwoo is more on the calm and serious side although he tries to play along with the others, he looked tired(?) Ah, he is really handsome too ///

Hongseok seems to be not liked by many. I heard fans behind me screaming at him to get off the stage or go home. But his face is pretty cute too, like a chipmunk!

Overall, the only playful one is Bobby. He is pretty much the mood maker when everyone is so serious about it. Their stress/tiredness must be getting into them.

I snapped a few pictures. It was so difficult to get a good pictures because:

1. i am only using a digital camera

2. the police is blocking almost half the stage. i'm still to angry about it.

3. The fans kept pushing and shoving.

Here goes~!

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

mixandmatch ikon fanaccount fanmeeting seoul teamb yg

The other photos will be uploaded soon~

Guess who i voted for the new trainee? kekeke~

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