SK Global House Common Room tour

by - September 27, 2014

Hey guys~

How have you been? I have been really busy lately settling stuffs and starting class. It was really fun, i made many new friends from all over the world! Oh im so excited to start class everyday. The teachers were really fun and nice too.

The thing about studying in KLI is that even when you're placed in level one, the teacher does not speak english. So we always have a hard time trying to communicate. They only know really basic english ;;;

Anyways, on today's post i will be introducing my dorm, SK Global House Common Room!

Yes this is a lounge where we can actually sit around, watch tv, eat and relax. And this is the place where we can use free wifi so yay~!

Let's have a look!

SK Global House common room lounge

When no one is watchung the TV, you can just change the channels/volume by yourself however if someone is watching, don't be an asshole and change it ((it happened just now ;; )) 

Most of the time it's empty so i really liked it here~

SK Global House common room lounge

There's a computer~ although i'm not sure what it is for but im guessing when someone has to use a desktop then you can use it here~

SK Global House common room lounge

The couches are really comfortable and clean. The only bad thing is the table is really small ;;

SK Global House common room lounge

 I like this part. There is a fridge but it is always full, also if you're not careful, people might take your items so i refrain putting anything in the fridge. You can use the microwave for easy cooking as well~ however if you need to fry something then you can use the kitchen in the basement (post coming up soon!)

SK Global House common room lounge

Lastly, we have to recycle all our garbage so there are many trash bins for recycling~

All in all, this is like the 2nd place i love than my room. /i could watch music shows on tv as well~~

Have you lived in a dormitory? How does the lounge look like? ^^ Share it~

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