Check-in + Dorm tour of YSKLI!

by - September 22, 2014

Wowow~ it's been almost a week since i last posted.

Today is the day i move in to my dorm, SK Global House!

It's so exciting. i wasn't expecting much but it is rather cozy now that i have a roommate and i did furnish it a little with my belongings. /nyeheh

I took my placement test this morning and it was tough shit i wish i just stayed back for level 1. Anyways i was planning to start from level 1 so there isn't much difference. Cool thing, my roomie also tells me she is going for level 1; we can go to class together~

It's a busy day for me today. I had to check-in and make sure i have all the stuff i need and feel at home. Easy peasy thanks to a friendly roomie.

sk global house yonsei university

The outside of SK Global House~everything is convenient here however really really pricey ;;; 

They provide you with all the information you need on and brief you on the rules. Just simply read through since the orientation for the dormitory is tomorrow 

sk global house yonsei university

I checked in pretty early so yay less people but roomie is earlier than me so she got her first pick ;; however i still got the spot i prefer lolol.

sk global house yonsei university

The floors are divided according to gender so it's safe! However visiting other floors are fine i guess? ;;

sk global house yonsei university

When i first got in there is no pillows, blanket or any linen. I had to collect it at 1pm from the front desk. And good thing i went down like 12.45pm because i was the 3rd person to pick the best linen and pillows. But the pillow and pillow cover were kinda of dirty which thank god i brought my own extra cover~

sk global house yonsei university

After collecting the pillow and linen set~ looks much more comfortable right? heh. The only provide one pillow so if you need extra, you have to bring your own.

sk global house yonsei university

The closet is small but there are so many compartments under the bed and desk so it's really good~

sk global house yonsei university

My desk! this was before i bought my other stuffs so it seems a litle empty but now it's packed with /instant food and chocopies/ 

sk global house yonsei university

yonsei university

Walked past this building when i was heading to the Global Lounge to open my bank account. Not sure what this building is yet but i'll find out soon~

Ah another thing, since it's autumn now- more like summer-autumn, there is no air conditioning in the room so it's really really hot in the afternoon! booooo

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