Breezing past the first week

by - September 29, 2014

Hey guys!

It's officially the second week i've been here~

There is so much to talk about. So this post is going to be sort of a mini diary entry. Go go!

The first week passed by so quickly! Time always passes so slow when im not doing anything at home.

So, let's have a quick recap of what happened last week~!

I moved in my dorm and met an awesome roomie, awesome possum! That's like the one way to actually beat homesickness. I actually rarely think of my home when im having all the fun here~

Also, i met many new friends in class! We had lunch together with some from other class as well and it's all good! They're from Norway and really really really friendly~ And there is this guy in my class who is such a huge kpop fan, we decided to go for some music show broadcast sometime soon. When i actually have an idol i want to see ;;;

Everyone in class is nice. I really liked it! The teacher is nice as well! They're so gentle and friendly although they don't speak English except for really basic English so we have been communicating with really simple words and body language /eeep

I also met new friends online; we have decided to go for Mix&Match Showcase/Fanmeet together! And one of them is so nice, she's really helpful u_u

Although i'm living with another person in the same room, i get some personal time to myself which is a nice balance.

On last Friday, me and my roomie went to meet her Korean friend. They are so so so nice. We met in Myeongdong and they took us to eat dinner and dessert and guess what? They paid for it! Both times! And they even got me a little present. We'll be meeting up again soon to go Hongdae! (they wanted to bring us there keke

Staraz Magazine Vol.22 was also released so i actually went around Myeongdong to find it and ... tadaaa i bought it!

the gifts they got me *u*

roomie and i; isn't the food great?

I've been going out a lot with my roomie to eat and get groceries, it's actually kind of fun and relaxing. We took so many photos ;;

Everyday is so exciting! Let's look forward to it!

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